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Ancestry: Allaghi

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Changelings (aka Allaghi) trace their origin back to the fae, although they have gradually shed many of the fae characteristics, retaining only their shape-shifting abilities. The size and physical form of an Allaghi can vary based on the ancestry of their mother, whether it be gnome, dwarf, elf, or another lineage.   In a matter of a few seconds, they can transform their appearance, changing everything from their physical features to their gender and even adopting the appearance of different ancestries. However, these skilled metamorphs cannot change their fundamental attributes. Additionally, changelings can only shift their size by a single step (e.g., from normal to small), maintaining a certain level of consistency even in their remarkable transformations. Due to their physical capabilities, changelings possess a unique talent for deception and infiltration, seamlessly blending into different roles and assuming new identities.   When individuals are aware of someone being a shapeshifter, they regard them with suspicion, troubled by the idea that this person can assume the appearance of anyone at will. Allaghi are quickly the center of attention when it comes to blaming someone for a crime, so most Allaghi keep their heritage to themselves.   Talents: Master of Disguise   GM info / spoilers.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
120 - 240 years
Average Height
50 - 190 cm
Average Weight
30 - 120 kg
Geographic Distribution

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