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The dazzloncat is similar in appearance to wildcats, with the exception of its coloration, which can range between diverse combinations of pink, purple, and blue, or green and yellow, and its more clawlike paws. It is unclear where the dazzloncats originated from or how they reproduce; nonetheless, they emerged in Mag Mell all of a sudden at some point, and there appear to be adult cats only.

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

The creatures feed on the energy emitted by Mag Mell, which is only accessible there and in the vicinity of the gateway places that are connected to it, thus they must remain close to the source or risk starvation. Other species, such as the fae, are able to give part of their energy to a dazzloncat to feed it.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Dazzloncats claim tiny portions of Mag Mell as their own, and then roam around in these places. Alana is only visited for brief periods of time on infrequent occasions.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The capacity to interact with people without having to speak distinguishes them from those who are less bright. They may also mesmerise individuals in such a manner that they are unable to move until they are interacted with or until the impact wears off after a few minutes of staring at them in wonder. Dazzloncats may also disappear in the blink of an eye, making you feel that they were never there in the first place. This is only working when they are in a gateway location to Mag Mell, since they are then able to rapidly transition into or out of Mag Mell.

Civilization and Culture

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Normally, dazzloncats live in solitary confinement. A few of them, however, have developed an attachment to one individual who is similar to them, and they live near them, share living space and food, and even go on journeys with them.
Iffie by Dean Spencer
Scientific Name
Felis Catus Dazzlonicus
Fae realm of Mag Mell
unknown, at least 120 years
Average Height
40 cm
Average Weight
8 kg
Average Length
body: 60 cm, tail: 60 cm
Geographic Distribution
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Deity ka_jan
Jan Kaltenecker
15 Dec, 2021 11:21

I am not certain how exemplary this article's image is for wildcats in general, but I choose to believe that all cats in your world have hands on all extremities. Also, makes sense that a cat would decide to eat something that doesn't need thumbs the second it has one.   Great article! Wonderful creature!

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E. Christopher Clark
15 Dec, 2021 11:51

Love it! I choose to believe that there are only adult cats because the sight of Dazzloncat kittens would kill everyone with cuteness.

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What fun cats. They sort of remind me of the Cheshire Cat.

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16 Dec, 2021 19:51

Oh, right. I thought about Pippa having a group she discusses stuff with, like her dog and some creatures living nearby, but then found that image that I had bought and used it instead, and made it a cat. :D I am just thinking of also including a talking puppet. See here: Pippa Sonata

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So cute and yet mysterious. Great article!

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I love this! I hear that dazzloncats also hate stubs!

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