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Donero Chuanche

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"My heart in passion, and my head on rhymes." -- Donero Chuanche
Half of Bridgeport's taverns and inns have him on their list of unwanted guests, or he owes them quite some money for nights he spent there or both. Fathers of young daughters recognize his face in a 100 feet distance and chase him away on sight: Donero Chuanche, bard, gambler, soldier of fortune and lover.  
He is the only son of Georgio Chuanche, a merchant who has relocated his prosperous business to the capital Queenshaven. Donero never showed interest in the family business and stayed in Bridgeport when his parents moved. Since they sold their house in Bridgeport, he always is on the run, trying to find a dry place for the night, favourably close to the warm bosom of a lovely young lady.   Donero is extremely charming, and every lady will give in to him at some point. There is no escape. Even young men are not safe from his advances. Two out of three young ladies in Bridgeport already shared the bed with Donero, and quite a couple of guys avert their gaze in shame when they meet him on the road by accident.

Plot Hooks

For whom the bell tolls - Donero is looking for a discreet group of people that can help him with a problem. He is reluctant to tell at first, but his problem is: sometimes he cannot lie, regardless of what he is trying out. And this is a really big problem for him as his whole life is built on a framework of lies and not telling the truth. Even his profession as a bard stands on the brink because singing about a sovereign or someone else of high rank and blatantly telling the truth would probably cost him his head. He believes he got cursed.   GM info / spoilers.
SC2021: A Romancer, Paramour, or other amorous individual.
Bridgeport County
Most southern part of Farenia.
Current Location
black, long
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
26 Jul, 2021 20:26

Ah! Serves him right :p The players should just leave him under the curse! Nice portrait, this fits him very well :D

To see what I am up to: SC list of articles and goals.
3 Sep, 2021 16:08

Donero has to have the motivation himself anyway, the party can only push him a bit or show opportunities where they find them.

10 Aug, 2021 07:24

Well done with the image! He looks like a seducer.

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