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Kurpitsa Kolokythi

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Kurpitsa has made her tranquil home on the outskirts of Bridgeport, surrounded by lush fields where she tends to her most cherished crop, pumpkins. Her pumpkin patch is a marvel, producing an array of delightful goods, from pumpkin jam to delicious pies that beckon passersby with their sweet aromas. Her shop is called Kurpitsa's Pumpkin Shoppe.   With her long, flowing hair of golden radiance and an ever-present cheerfulness, Kurpitsa captures the attention and hearts of those who meet her. Her smile is infectious, and her laughter is akin to a warm breeze on a summer's day. Kurpitsa's welcoming nature extends to strangers, whom she invites to taste the fruits of her labour, sharing the joy of her pumpkin harvest.  
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Kurpitsa belongs to a rare and ancient species known as the Descended, beings with a celestial origin. Long ago, she was one of the angelfolk who descended to aid in the cataclysmic Titan Wars, a chapter of history nearly three millennia past.   During those fateful battles, Kurpitsa fought valiantly but suffered grave injuries that left her in a state of amnesia. The weight of her celestial powers and the intensity of the conflict caused her memories to dissipate like mist in the morning sun. When she finally emerged from her wounds, her celestial nature was still within her, but her past was a blank canvas, devoid of recollection. If the fragments of her celestial past were to be reawakened, she would once more ascend with golden wings that could emerge from her shoulder blades, carrying her through the skies with grace and splendour.   An Unexpected Guardian: A mischievous fae creature takes a liking to Kurpitsa and decides to become her self-appointed guardian. The fae's antics and quirky ways both amuse and frustrate Kurpitsa, but as time passes, their bond becomes stronger. The fae, unbeknownst to Kurpitsa, carries vital information about her celestial origins.   Celestial Pursuit: A group of celestial beings, aware of Kurpitsa's true identity, seeks to bring her back to her celestial roots. They believe her presence is crucial in an impending celestial conflict, but Kurpitsa's happiness and sense of belonging in the mortal realm make the task challenging. The group's pursuit becomes more complex as they realise that Kurpitsa's celestial powers may not be willingly awakened.  

Plot Hooks

The Pumpkin Thief: A series of mysterious pumpkin thefts occur in Bridgeport, with pumpkins disappearing from various gardens and market stalls. The local authorities are baffled, and the players are called in to investigate. As they dig deeper, they discover that a rival gardener is stealing pumpkins to sabotage Kurpitsa's reputation and eliminate competition. The players must find the culprit, clear Kurpitsa's name, and prevent further harm to her livelihood.   The Cursed Patch: Strange occurrences plague Kurpitsa's pumpkin patch. Pumpkins grow unusually large and vibrant, and their properties take on magical effects. Some see this as a blessing, while others fear a curse. The curiosity and greed of various factions draw them to Kurpitsa's patch, potentially endangering her tranquil life.   A Mysterious Customer: A wealthy client who finds Kurpitsa's pumpkin products fascinating insists on commissioning a lavish banquet featuring her creations. The players are hired to assist in the preparations, but the patron's true intentions are shrouded in mystery. As they delve deeper into the client's background, they uncover hidden connections to ancient societies with a vested interest in celestial heritage.   The Celestial Pests: Unexplained disturbances occur in Kurpitsa's pumpkin patch, leading her to believe that mischievous creatures are wreaking havoc. When the players go to look into the disturbances, they find that celestial creatures are looking for their kin. As they mediate between Kurpitsa and the celestial beings, the players uncover clues hinting at Kurpitsa's celestial origins, raising questions about her past.



Friend (Important)

Towards Kurpitsa Kolokythi



Kurpitsa Kolokythi

Friend (Trivial)

Towards Martine




Kurpitsa has helped Martine with food and fresh clothing when Martine showed up in Bridgeport six years ago. Martine still visits Kurpitsa each time she is in Bridgeport. Kurpitsa knows something is up with Martine, but she didn't figure it out yet.


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