Albi van Kath

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Slightly NSFW!
female catfolk (chaotic neutral), 160cm, 48kg, black fur, yellow eyes
energetic+4, brave+3, annoyed+2, stubborn+1
Albi van Kath is a young female catfolk headhunter and assassin from the city of Phurr in Trendelika. She has been hired to track down and capture Tobias Strippinfur, a most-wanted male marriage swindler who had found yet another victim and robbed her of her wealth.   Albi has made her way to Bridgeport in Farenia, where Tobias was believed to be hiding out. It didn't take long for Albi's sharp senses and investigative skills to pick up on his trail; she quickly uncovered evidence that he had been frequenting several local establishments during his stay in town.   Armed with this knowledge, Albi set off across the city looking for any signs or clues as to where Tobias might be staying. After days of searching through alleyways, abandoned buildings, and shady bars all over town, she eventually stumbled upon one particular area - a rundown establishment known locally as @cat. Sure enough it turned out that Tobias was a frequent visitor here, but Albi never saw him enter or leave.   Without wasting any time, Albi got herself hired as one of the etablissement's hosts. This way, she is sure, she will catch Tobias. Hopefully her assignment as a host does not get her into an embarrassing situation with one of the patrons.  
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Some of Albi's equipment
  • Assassin’s Cloak: This enchanted cloak allows the wearer to become invisible and move through shadows with ease, making it perfect for sneaking up on unsuspecting victims.
  • Grappling Hook Launcher: A special launcher designed specifically for climbing walls and other obstacles quickly and silently; perfect for getting into secured areas unseen or escaping pursuit if necessary.
  • Shadow Blade: An ancient blade forged by dark magics that can steal away light itself, creating a pocket of darkness around the weapon which makes it almost undetectable and hard to evade.
  • Smoke Bombs: These small bombs create a thick smoke screen upon detonation, providing cover for an assassin who needs some time away from prying eyes after completing their mission successfully or needing an escape route in case things don’t go according to plan.
  • Spring Loaded Crossbow: A crossbow designed specifically for assassins, this device utilizes a spring-loaded mechanism to fire bolts at high speeds while also allowing for silent operation so as not to alert potential targets.
  • Throwing Knives: Small but deadly weapons crafted from razor sharp steel; these knives are perfectly balanced so they fly true towards their intended target even when thrown over long distances.



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Cover image: Albi van Kath by Tillerz using MidJourney
Character Portrait image: Albi van Kath by Tillerz using MidJourney


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