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Oath of the Trees

Connected to Nature

The oath is the most important ritual for young Ciples.   They are first really an integrated part of the Ilk-nean Faith after they have taken their oath.
Dejlenda Hekenat, Ilk-nean Elder
  The oath of the trees is a ritual which an individual only participates in once in their life. Generally, they will take part in this when they turn 17.  

Once in a lifetime

The oath of the trees can only be sworn once. Most do it at the age of 17 as stated in the official documents in the Ilk-nean Faith.  

An important decision

However, it is not unseen that some choose to wait until they're as old as 24 years old. This is not looked down upon as some might assume. Rather it usually happens due to the person being abroad on their 17th birthday or simply admitting to the local priests that they would like to think their choice over.   It is seen as an extremely important decision and as such, it is actually encouraged to take all the time one needs to embrace or reject the oath. However, once a person has rejected the oath, they might be treated a bit differently as they have rejected an important part of what it means to be Ciplish.  

The Ritual

The ritual itself starts at first light on the day of the individuals. The person is woken up by their parents, siblings, close friends and the local priest.  

Ceremonial Seed

After being woken up they are bathed in oils and dressed in clothes weaved in the traditional ciplish way. A meal is shared with the family and friends before the person is given the blessing of the priest along with a plant seed of their own choice. Each type of seed represents a different version of the oath.   After this, the person is set to wander off into nature by themselves. They need to find a place where they want to plant their seed. This can be anywhere and though it might seem like they can just place it the first spot they see, this isn't the case.   It is crucial for most people where they plant the seed. Especially since they are replanting the forests that were destroyed by the Hanes.  

Evening Celebrations

After the person has chosen a spot and planted their chosen seed, they will return to their town and there is a celebration in the street in their honour. A crown of berry branches will be placed upon their head. Everyone wears the same type of cream coloured linen clothes. They are very simple clothes with simple colourful embroidery often depicting nature.   Usually, there is a feast with live music and lots of laughter and reminiscing about the person childhood. If the weather allows it, big bonfires are usually started and then they bake bread on sticks over it.
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