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Dejlenda Hekenat

The Reformant of the Ilk-nean Ways

Written by ninne124

Elder Dejlenda Hekenat

Full Screen Portrait
by Ninne124

  Dejlenda Hekenat is a well-known figure to every Ciple in Alinage and in Kanden. She is currently one of the Ilk-nean Elders, who are the leaders of the Ilk-nean Faith. She is quite popular, as her views blend well with the current religious and cultural atmosphere found amongst her people.  
At first, many of us were unsure about appointing an outsider, someone who wasn't fully ciplish. We thought she would be a bad fit and that she might've had other interest at heart than what was best for the people.   But how dear Dejlenda proved us wrong!
She is a worthy Elder and we are so very blessed to have her.
— Ciplish inhabitant of Alinage

The life of Dejlenda

Early Life

Dejlenda was born to a Ciplish mother and a Hanean father. The Ciples generally see outsiders as bad influences and greedy people who ultimately destroy and taint nature, and as such, Dejlenda's mother was shunned by her family for having chosen to partner with an outsider.   Dejlenda was born in Hanatoft, the biggest settlement in Hanalund. Here she would live until the age of 6. Her father perished in a storm while he was out on the ocean fishing, and her mother brought her to Alinage were she hoped her family would take them in.   Dejlenda's grandparents let them stay in their home and helped raise her. Her grandmother taught her about the Ilk-nean Faith and was the reason Dejlenda became religiously interested.  

Religious Path

At the age of 16, Dejlenda enrolled in religious studies under the guidance of her local Priestess. There she was taught Ilk-nean ways in even greater detail. She was such a formidable student that the priestess recommended her to the Ilk-nean High Council as a possible candidate to priesthood.   At the age of 23, Dejlenda was officially summoned by the the Ilk-nean Elders of the High Council. They offered her the position of Ilk-nean Priestess. She accepted the position.   At the age of 32, Dejlenda was chosen as one of 4 possible candidates to replace a newly deceased elder. After much deliberation, the elders decided to choose her. This caused a bit of uproar in the ciplish community, as they weren't exactly welcoming of her. She was still seen as an outsider, though she had lived there for more than 26 years. She had a rough start at her position. But eventually, the public accepted her. As a result, she managed to convince them that not all outsiders were to be hated nor feared.
Date of Birth
8th of Ebenisden, 1547 ADF
Year of Birth
1547 ADF 37 Years old
Current Residence
Fiery Orange
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

Cover image: by Ninne124
Character Portrait image: by Ninne124


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Jul 14, 2020 09:06 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Aw I'm glad she was able to overcome the distrust of the Ciplish people. It sucks that their prejudice was a thing, but I'm also glad it didn't deter her from her chosen path.

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Another question since she is a Ciples how come and she has grey eyes?

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Ninne was working on the artwork before she wrote the article and asked me what her eye colour should be. I didn't know she was going to be Ciples so I just suggested a random colour.   To be fair, the eye colours presented in the Ciples article are only the most common ones so she could just be in a small minority of grey-eyed people.

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Yeah Dhel decided the eye colour, but then I remembered a bit of worldbuilding I'd already done (about the hanes, which is the ethnicity her father is. They often have grey eyes.)   That's why I chose that she was going to be half-half, so it would make sense! :D
So yeah, she got her eye colour from her dad^-^

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How did she get the earth fae mark? or is that a secret?