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Earth Mark

The Mark of the Earth Fae

An Earth Mark is a type of Fae Mark that can only be granted by Earth Fae. Humans marked with the Earth Mark can use Earth Magic, but are also able to use other types of magic if they practise enough. This is a difficult feat and is not often seen.  
Most of the village was burned down in an... accident. But luckily young Jenine was born with an Earth Mark like her good old pops, Light be with him.   She rebuilds the whole town she did! Took a while, but after painting, you can't even see the odd wall-work no more
— Villager
  The Earth Fae are known for being proper people who follow the rules and are very square in their way of thinking. They're also known for being stable and someone you can count on. Many people believe the same to be true about people with Earth Mark.   While both being stable and accountable is common in many humans, it may be true that the Earth Marked ones are more likely to have these traits. This can be attributed to the kinds of people who are drawn to getting the mar.   It's often the ones who are fascinated with the Earth Fae in the first place, usually because they either admire or relate to their principles.  
However, anyone borne with the mark had no choice about getting it and therefore none of this speculation will apply to them.   These stereotypes are seen with all of the marks, and as with all of them, this one will be true sometimes but mostly not. If it is, it's definitely not because they have the mark, they were already like that or would have been like that anyway.
The ones with the air mark are usually nice folks, very helpful. If not that, they're at least stable and trustworthy.   Just really wouldn't want ta' anger one of them, lest I be buried alive many feet down under!
— Villager
Earth Gold
by Ninne124
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital
Primal Element
Primal Earth   Magic Type
Earth Magic   Given By
Earth Fae

Magic Difficulty

The difficulty of each magic for an individual depends on the Fae Mark they carry. If you look at the Mark Circle (to the right), it's visible to see which marks are the opposite of one another and which are closer than others.   There are 3 types of mark-relationships, which translate into what magic is the easiest and hardest to use.  


  1. Opposite Marks
  2. This is the mark that is on the opposite side of the circle.
    The Opposite Mark of Earth is Air.  
  3. Adjacent Marks
  4. These are the marks that are next to the given mark.
    The Adjacent Marks of Earth are Dark, Fire and Spirit. Spirit counts as an Adjacent Mark for all six of the other marks.  
  5. Opposite Adjacent Marks
  6. These are the marks that are next to the opposite mark.
    The Opposite Adjacent Marks of Earth are Light and Water.
The Importance of Mark Relationsships
People with the Earth Mark would have an easier time learning and performing spells from Dark, Fire and Spirit, than Light and Water.   It would be nearly impossible to learn spells that require Air Magic without years and years of vigorous training.
Opposite Mark: Air Mark   Adjacent Marks: Fire Mark, Dark Mark, Spirit Mark   Opposite Adjacent Marks: Water Mark, Light Mark        

The Mark Circle

Fae Marks Gold
by Ninne124
    Light Mark (top center), Fire Mark (top left), Air mark (top right), Spirit Mark (center), Dark Mark (bottom center), Earth Mark (bottom left) and Water Mark (bottom right)

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The villager says 'The ones with the air mark are usually nice folks, very helpful.', I think that shoud be an earth mark