Fire Mark

The Mark of the Fire Fae

A Fire Mark is a type of Fae Mark that can only be granted by a Fire Fae. Humans Who have the Fire Mark can use Fire Magic, but they are also able to use other types of magic if they practise enough. This is difficult and is rarely seen.  
You should stay clear of him over there, the fella with the blonde hair. He's got a temper, just as his mom and the others in his family with the fire mark.   Wouldn't want to wake to a house on fire, would you?
— Villager
  The Fire Fae are known for being hot-headed individuals with a temper so bad that it's best to just not talk to them at all. The same stereotype is often projected over to humans with the Fire Mark as well. Though some might live up to the stereotype, far from all of them are anything like the rumours.   Most rumours say that if you wrong someone with a fire mark, you need to flee because they'll retaliate in a violent or dangerous manner. But in reality, many people with Fire Marks have a temper when it comes to being accused of being angry and heartless. It can be straining to be told who you are from others, who judge you on something that does not relate to who you are personality-wise.   The Fire Mark gives access to many versatile spells, both harmful and helpful. Though people with this mark could create problems easily if they wish so, many see them as emotional and cunning who may hurt someone as a way to get back at them.  
Fire Magic can be used for a lot, but it is especially hard to do any healing with that type of magic. Luckily, one of the easiest kinds of spells to learn for Fire Marked people are the ones from Light Magic. It will take practise and hard work, but it would be possible to learn one or two spells within a year or so.
Fire marked people... I'm shaking just at the thought of it.   Angry people they are, and when they're angry then they're also dangerous and reckless!
— Villager
Fire Gold
by Ninne124
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital
Primal Element
Primal Fire   Magic Type
Fire Magic   Given By
Fire Fae

Magic Difficulty

The difficulty of each magic for an individual depends on the Fae Mark they carry. If you look at the Mark Circle (to the right), it's visible to see which marks are the opposite of one another and which are closer than others.   There are 3 types of mark-relationships, which translate into what magic is the easiest and hardest to use.  


  1. Opposite Marks
  2. This is the mark that is on the opposite side of the circle.
    The Opposite Mark of Fire is Water.  
  3. Adjacent Marks
  4. These are the marks that are next to the given mark.
    The Adjacent Marks of Fire are Light, Earth and Spirit. Spirit counts as an Adjacent Mark for all six of the other marks.  
  5. Opposite Adjacent Marks
  6. These are the marks that are next to the opposite mark.
    The Opposite Adjacent Marks of Fire are Air and Dark.
The Importance of Mark Relationsships
People with the Fire Mark would have an easier time learning and performing spells from Light, Earth and Spirit, than Dark and Air.   It would be nearly impossible to learn spells that require Water Magic without years and years of vigorous training.
Opposite Mark: Water Mark   Adjacent Marks: Earth Mark, Light Mark, Spirit Mark   Opposite Adjacent Marks: Air Mark , Dark Mark        

The Mark Circle

Fae Marks Gold
by Ninne124
    Light Mark (top center), Fire Mark (top left), Air mark (top right), Spirit Mark (center), Dark Mark (bottom center), Earth Mark (bottom left) and Water Mark (bottom right)

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