Light Magic

The Magic of the Light Fae

Written by ninne124

Light Magic is the opposite of Dark Magic in terms of when the caster is at their strongest. When casting light magic, the caster greatly benefits from any source of light, whether it be sunlight or even a candle. The greater the source of light, the easier it is to cast a light spell.    Light magic is commonly known for healing, as it is the primal element that is the easiest to wield for this purpose. It is possible to heal with some of the other types of magic as well, but it is considerably harder and takes a spell-caster who has much experience in that particular magic-type. Though Light Magic is usually associated with pureness and good, the element can also be used for personal gain and deeds that are anything but well-meant. This is mostly seen whenever the Fae wage war against one another and the Light Fae attack others.
Fae Mark:
Light Mark   Fae Users:
Light Fae
Metaphysical, Elemental

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