Dark Magic

The Magic of the Dark Fae

Written by ninne124

Dark magic is the magic used by the Dark Fae. This type of magic is easier to use at night and in dark areas, even shadows can aid the caster. Though many see Dark Magic as a tool of evil and destruction, this is not necessarily the case. Most Dark Fae are peaceful beings who do not use their magical abilities for anything out of the ordinary. They wield it just like the Light Fae uses Light Magic.   However, in the human world, most instances of Dark Magic is indeed used for terrorizing innocent beings. Dark Fae rarely wander into the human realms, and most of the Dark Magic used there is used by humans who have a Dark Mark. Many humans who seek out Dark Fae do it because they know that the powers they gain from a Dark Mark, can be used to gain even more power. They're able to call forth shadow beings, who can devour other entities magic and transfer it to their master. This is highly frowned upon by the Dark Fae, as they think the only real way of becoming stronger is to practise and hone the craft.
Fae Mark:
Dark Mark   Fae Users:
Dark Fae
Metaphysical, Elemental

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