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Spirit Mark

The Mark of the Spirit Fae

A Spirit Mark is a type of Fae Mark that can only be granted by a Spirit Fae. Humans Who have the Spirit Mark can use Spirit Magic, but they are also able to use other types of magic if they practise enough. This is very difficult to achieve and it's rarely seen due to the extreme amount of studying and practising it takes.  
I must say she's a nice person, but I can't help but fear her.   She's Spirit Marked. One flick of her wrist and she could remove the spirit energy from you. Just like that, dead. Or rather, an empty husk.
— Villager
  Spirit Fae are vastly different than all of the other fae, and most creatures are scared of them. They're able to transfer the spirits of plants, animals and humanoids in different ways, which can result in both good but also immensely bad things. Mostly, their powers are used in the fae justice system. After someone is ruled guilty of a very heinous crime, the Fae Court can choose that the punishment could be removal of one's spirit or life force.   Few humans who have the Spirit Mark live normal lives. Most aid the Fae in their rulings or even work in a similar position in the human world. People often fear the Spirit Fae and the Spirit Marked, but in reality, most of them only use their powers on others when it's seen as fair.  
Spirit Magic has an extremely limited number of available spell types that can be performed successfully.   However, they have an easier time learning magic from all of the other types than people with other marks. This is because of the fact that the 6 other marks all count as Adjacent Marks.
I always get the creeps when someone with a spirit mark is around.   No, I'm not kidding! The hairs on the back of my neck stand up, no lie!
— Villager
Spirit Gold
by Ninne124
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital
Extremely Rare
Primal Element
Primal Spirit   Magic Type
Spirit Magic   Given By
Spirit Fae

Magic Difficulty

The difficulty of each magic for an individual depends on the Fae Mark they carry. If you look at the Mark Circle (to the right), it's visible to see which marks are the opposite of one another and which are closer than others.   There are 3 types of mark-relationships, which translate into what magic is the easiest and hardest to use.  


  1. Opposite Marks
  2. This is the mark that is on the opposite side of the circle.
    There are no Opposite Mark of Spirit.  
  3. Adjacent Marks
  4. These are the marks that are next to the given mark.
    The Adjacent Marks of Spirit are all of the marks: Light, Dark, Water, Fire, Earth and Air. Spirit counts as an Adjacent Mark for all six of the other marks.  
  5. Opposite Adjacent Marks
  6. These are the marks that are next to the opposite mark.
    There are no Opposite Adjacent Marks of Spirit.
The Importance of Mark Relationsships
People with the Spirit mark has an easier time learning spells from the six other magic types than anyone with a different mark.   This is greatly beneficial for the Marked One since most spirit magic is very specific and cannot do the same as the other types of magic.
Opposite Mark: None   Adjacent Marks: Light Mark, Dark Mark, Water Mark, Fire Mark, Earth Mark and Air Mark.   Opposite Adjacent Marks: None        

The Mark Circle

Fae Marks Gold
by Ninne124
    Light Mark (top center), Fire Mark (top left), Air mark (top right), Spirit Mark (center), Dark Mark (bottom center), Earth Mark (bottom left) and Water Mark (bottom right)

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