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Home of the Ciples

The island of Alinage is located in Kanden to the south of Hanalund. It is the primary home of the Ciples. The ciples can also be found in the rest of the nations in Kanden, though mostly in Hanalund. There are only very small groups of ciples to be found in Estratoft and Bredtkiping.  

Conflicts with Hanalund

The ciples and the Hanes have had their disagreements for as long as anyone can remember. This also means that the Ilk-nean High Council and Hanalund often don't see eye to eye on all matters. Through time, they have had conflicts over deforestation, who owns the island and who should get to live on it.  

In control of their beloved home

Though Hanalund has tried to claim ownership of the island many times, it is not under the control of Hanalund, but is rather controlled by the Ilk-nean High Council.   The High Councul is a group made up of the Ilk-nean Elders who lead the Ilk-nean Faith. The council acts both as religious leaders as well as a government for the ciples.
The damage the hanes managed to inflict on Alinage in so few days was devastating. It took us years to get the nature of the island back into shape.   We will never forget their heinous actions, and we do our best to ensure they're not able to do it again.
  From time to time, Hanalund once again tries to get its hands on the resources on Alinage. However, they are usually pushed back fast by the inhabitants of the island.
The ciples are always on their toes when it comes to the hanes. They are well aware that they are a target and therefore they have a special force trained for defending their home from those who wish to harm it.  

The overgrown island

Followers of the Ilk-nean faith worship the Old Fae known as Teldrinne. The ciples believe that she is watching over them and Alinage, because she created both the ciples and their beloved home. In the eyes of the ciples, the island is a wild safehaven where animals aren't hunted for sport but only for necessity. Plants are left to grow instead of being burned away or chopped down.  

In harmony with nature

Ciples see both nature and the island as being sacred, and therefore they're against actions that could harm their beloved home and the animals and plants that live there. The island stands in stark contrast to many parts of Hanalund were many trees are planted and chopped down for lumber.  
Deforestation is frowned heavily upon, which is clear to see, as Alinage is covered in trees and bushes alike.   The only times trees are chopped down are when wood is needed for a new building or for heating up homes or when the ciples need space for a new building.
Nothing will ever be as beautiful to me as Alinage, both the plants, the animals and the people mean the world to me.   It is my home and it holds a special place in my heart
— Ciplish woman
If any trees needs to be cut down in order to make way for a building, the high council has to accept it first. If they accept the request the matter is then taken up for a vote where all ciples on the island over the age of 16 are allowed to take part. If the vote is in favour of removing the trees, they can be chopped down.   If anyone chops down a tree after getting their request rejected by the popular vote, they will be served a fine and might even have to serve community service if the action is bad enough. Only two people have ever served time in detention for chopping down trees without permission.  

Non-human inhabitants

There are quite a few small furry and feathery creatures living on Alinage. There's a wide array of smaller birds as well as a few bigger ones.   House sparrows, Tree sparrows, Marsh tits, Hawfinches, great spotted woodpeckers, robins, greenfinches, blackbirds, wood pigeons and starlings are all to find on the island. Also pheasants can be seen running around between the trees.   Hedgehogs, mice, red squirrels and Bredtean Melpins are all inhabitants of Alinage as well. Nothing bigger like foxes or wolves live on the island, which makes the Bredtean melpins the apex predator on Alinage, like on many of the other islands in Kanden.
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Kanden is a territory in the northern parts of Dysvoll. The map was drawn by Dhelian, a very talented user here on World Anvil.
Ethnicity | Dec 12, 2022

A people who live in Hanalund and on the isle of Alinage. They're against the way of living commonly seen in Hanalund.


Migrants to Alinage

If you are not of ciplish descent, you're generally not allowed to move to the island.   Thorugh the years, only a few exceptions have been made to this rule. If the person in question manages to prove themselves worthy, they might just be allowed to move to the island and live there alongside the rest of the inhabitants.   However, this rarely happens as most ciples are very distrustful of outsiders and their intentions.
Dejlenda Hekenat
Character | Jul 12, 2020

An Ilk-nean Elder who changed the status quo due to her election being out of the ordinary. Both due to her mixed heritage and her rather young age.

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