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The Capital of Bredtkiping

Flottkiping is the capital settlement of Bredtkiping, which is a nation in the northern parts of Dysvoll often called Kanden. Flottkiping is one of two major cities in Bredtkiping along with Venkiping. Both places are known for being trading centrals of the north.  


During the many battles and wars Bredtkiping has had with Hanalund and Estratoft, Flottkiping has been in the crossfire more than once. Out of the two major cities in Bredtkiping, Flottkiping is the one that has been burned to the ground on more than on occasion.  

Main Target

The city of Flottkiping has always been the major powerhouse of Bredtkiping, and the place to strike if one wanted to hit where it hurt. It has a central location in the nation and most internal trade goes through the city. Furthermore, the city was built mostly from wood and other easily flammable materials back when it was burned down the first time.   Afterwards, it was rebuilt in mostly stone and wood, and sadly, it was burned down once again less than fifty years after it had been rebuilt. Though, this time only around forty percent of the city was badly damaged. Since then, most of the buildings along the water are built mostly of stone and there are multiple Water Marked Spell-casters hired by the government to put out any eventual fires.
Large city
Owning Organization
Kanden is a territory in the northern parts of Dysvoll. The map was drawn by Dhelian, a very talented user here on World Anvil.

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