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Stelling River

The River Highway through Northern Dysvoll

The Stelling river flows through the northern parts of Dysvoll, connecting the lower northern parts of Dysvoll to Kanden. The river is very important for transport of wood and meats and other resources gathered in Dysvoll Ellecran Forest. The river meets the ocean right at the capitol of Estratoft, called Estrakyb and many of the resources transported down the river are sold at the market places in the big city.  

The River of Great Importance

Stelling River doesn't just supply the capital with wares and resources they might need, but the river's use for trading is also the foundation of quite a sizable income for Estrakyb. The town taxes those who want to travel through the city's canals and out their harbour to reach the two other nations in Kanden, which is Bredtkiping and Hanalund. Both are situated on islands very close to Estratoft.  

Unusual and rare items

The merchants travelling on the river are quite known for bringing interesting and unusual wares with them to the different markets in Kanden.   They bring both building materials out of the ordinary as well as old treasures found in the Ruins of Neklian and rare animals, plants and fruits.
They bring many interesting and different wares, including the fur of the Ellenat Fox, which is a most beautiful hide, though it does come at a steep price!
— Inhabitant of Estrakyb
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The Stelling
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The river is very important for life here is Estrakyb. If we don't get our wares from settlements close by in Estratoft or from our two neighbouring countries, we get them from the merchants that travel the rivers.
— Inhabitant of Estrakyb

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