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Esir River

A highway of Water

Esir River is located in mid-Dysvoll, it originates near the eastern side of the mountains between Elken and Ashilder and most of the river flows through Ashilder territory.  
All sorts of folk frequent the river. Some use it for transport, others as a pretty view during a leisurely stroll. Many pick the beautiful blue flowers that grow along the riverside.
— Citisen of Vatnsil

The River of Southern Ashilder

The River Esir is well-known through Ashilder, as it is one of 3 major rivers in the nation. The river is used frequently by merchants to sail to and from Vatnsil, a town in the east of Ashilder. The town exports lots of metals to the rest of Ashilder, but also to Minnaha in times of peace.   The River is known for being very scenic due to its clear blue waters and the blue Vlari flowers that grow along the riverside. The flowers are specifically grown by a group of Spell-casters who live in Vatnsil and along the river. The strain of Vlari flower that grows along the riverside is very rare and is used for Prohibum Making. The Esir River is one of the few places the Vlari Minor can grow, therefore, the river is very important to many magic users.  

Rivers of a feather

The Esir River meets the Kasir River west of the Minnaha and Ashilder.
It retains the name of the Esir River, as Kasir River is a smaller river at the point where the two meet.  


Esir River gets its name from the old Ashildan word for south (Esirn), while Kasir River gets its name from the old Ashildan word for north (Kaasirn.)
The two rivers are sometimes referred to as sister rivers in some parts of Ashilder.

Site for Duck Sum Upping

The Esir River is one of the most popular spots for the local Secki Ducks to spend time. These ducks are very important to the people of Ashilder, as they are considered a symbol of the country. It's allowed to hunt the ducks, as they are an important food source, especially in northern Ashilder.   During the annual Duck Sum Upping, the ducks are counted at certain places to try to gauge if the duck population has decreased significantly during the year. This has become a tradition since the ducks almost went extinct due to overhunting. Depending on the ducks counted in each area, there might be a limit or full ban on hunting the Secki Ducks in some areas of Ashilder.   Esir River is often connected with Secki Ducks due to this annual tallying of ducks and people from Vatnsil flock to land around the river on the day of the counting to try and gauge how the next year will look in regards to duck hunting.
Alternative Name(s)
Southern River (in relation to Kasir River)
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