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Briar Hill

Hill of Thorns

Briar Hill is a hill situated in the Fennlad. It's the hill which Briarholm is build on top of. The hill is situated within a forested area and is surrounded by loads of thorn-bushes. This gives the town of Briarholm advantage in the form of natural defence from possible attacks.  

Flora and Fauna

Though the hill is only a small segment of land, it does have some unique species living there. Some are quite rare in all of Dysvoll, others are merely uncommon in Fennlad.  


The hill is one of the few places where the Helsh Rose grows naturally. The rose is regarded very highly by royals and important families around Dysvoll, but the roses they use as status symbols are grown in greenhouses.   The trees that surround Briar Hill are but common birch and pine trees.
Some come to our wonderful home for nothing more than profit.   It's not uncommon to see petty thieves run off with handfull of our wonderful roses.   At least we know that their hands are worse for wear for quite a while...
— citizen of Briarholm


The most common animals to observe near Briarhill are white-tailed deer, western wolves and the most notable, the Jylei. The Jylei is a purple tailed sparrow. It is native to Fennlad and the surrounding nations.
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Thorn Hill
Mountain / Hill
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