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The City of Wells

Biroaln is a major city in Elken. It's known both for it's massive production of Crubak Berries on it's Crubak Berry Bush farms as well as trades such as blacksmiths and other crafters who populate many of the busy streets in the inner city.  
Biroaln is such a wonderful city to visit!   Lot's of sights to see, a bustling colourful marketplace with anything you could want to buy, incredible inns and hotels.   Not to mention, the sprawling farmland just outside the city border with lot's of beautiful bright blue berries being harvested each year!
— Mayor of Biroaln

An important city

The city of Biroaln is situated in the northern parts of Elken, all the way out to the coast and is the biggest city in northern Elken. It consists of a bustling city center which has a very important trading district. Biroaln also has a harbour, production areas, livable areas as well as vast lands used for farming on the outskirts of the city.  

A Safehaven from the Raging Seas

The most important function of the city for Elken, is that it is frequently used as a safe place to sail whenever the winds on the seas are too harsh and the crew of a ship fear that they might not make it to their intended location. Due to this, many inns and hotels also populate the streets of Biroaln. Many sailors make a stop in the city to buy wares as well, both wares for selling but also supplies to last them the rest of their journey.  

Biggest Berry Supplier

One thing that this specific city is especially known for, is the obscene amounts of Crubak Berries produced each harvest season. No other city in the entirety of Dysvoll exports as many berries as Biroaln does. Many of these berries are sold to the rest of Elken, but a good amount are also sold to Elkens northern neighbours in Kanden.  

Other Products

Other than farm produce, Biroaln is also partly known for the blacksmithing district. A nearby mine supplies many of the blacksmiths in the city. Both weapons and important parts for for non-weapon items.
Biroaln Crubak Berries are exceptionally good. As soon as they've been harvested they're cleaned and sold, and trust me, they will be sold very quickly!
— Crubak Berry Farm Owner

The City of Wells

The city has no large amounts of freshwater easily accessible nearby, and therefore, the city is filled with wells. The soil around the city is saturated with enough water so that the wells supply the needed amount to the inhabitants of the city. This also means that even though the city doesn't have a river running through it, the soil is fertile enough to grow the vast amounts of berries and other produce without much trouble.   Due to the insane amounts of wells, the city is often jokingly referred to as the City of Wells. The citizens have embraced this and a well can be seen on the city's coat of arms.
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City of Wells
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Crubak Berries
Item | May 31, 2021

Berries that grow on Crubak Berry Bushes. The berries are bright blue.

Organization | Dec 27, 2020

A large country in Dysvoll, which trades a lot with the nations in Kanden.

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