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A logging town

Minaye is the biggest logging town in Olinthis and supplies many of the materials used to expand Yeleni. The town is rather big, and it's home to several hundred lumberjacks and a big logging business named Minaye Logging Company. This company has many of the residents employed and it brings home a considerable amount of money each year to the town.  
If you want good quality wood, you need to look to Minaye. Their exports are simply magnificent, and if you go there, you can also find some of the best wood workers I've seen in my time!
— Wood Enthusiast

The Wood Business

The main exporter of wood in town is the Minaye Logging Company, they export around 80% of all wood that leaves Minaye. The rest is exported by a handful of much smaller companies.
  The wood is sourced from the Lyvoth Forest, which lies to the west of the town.   The forest is quite big, and it is not advised to go in there alone, as many have gotten lost in there.   It's estimated that around 120 lumberjacks have gone missing or died in the Lyvoth Forest during the last hundred years.
Those of us who work out there in the forest know that it plays tricks on your mind.   The rest of the townsfolk think we're being dramatic, but it can be really scary out there.
— Employee of Minaye Logging Company
It's most common for companies to send out teams of workers, with the average group size being around 4 to 10. No one is allowed to work alone, and so there's always an even number of workers sent out.
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Lyvoth Forest
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