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Lyvoth Forest

A forest of many reputations

The Lyvoth Forest is the biggest forest in Olinthis, located in the southern regions of the nation. It's located rather close to the Subanya River, and the small logging town of Minaye lies to the east of the forest.  
We always use wood from the Lyvoth Forest for our projects, yes!   It is the best quality you can find here in Olinthis!
— Build Master from Yeleni
  The trees from the forest are the main source of wood for towns along the Subanya River, which includes Yeleni. In most of Olinthis, Lyvoth Forest is known as a wood supply, however, the locals see the forest quite differently. The local townsfolk are wary of the Lyvoth Forest, as many people have disappeared mysteriously and others have been found dead.  

A Forest of Nightmares

Lyvoth forest is the subject of many cautionary tales in the area that surrounds it. Children are told not to go near it, from the very day they are born, and the children heed the warning, as they've heard of those who were too unfortunate to make it out of the forest alive. It's said that monsters live in the forest. Strangely, they don't seem to wander out of the forest except for a few rare occasions during the night.  


In the logging town of Minaye, the records tally up around 120 lumberjack workers who have gone missing in the forest. These numbers go back a little over a hundred years. Everyone in the town knows someone who's lost a family member to the forest.  
We were a band of men who went out into the Lyvoth Forest to cut down some firewood, now that winter is coming. We were 7 in total, me included. We went off in different directions and when we met back up, no one had heard from or seen Jonn since the morning.   We sent out a search party this morning, and found his decomposed body, sitting up against a tree. It's not the first time we've lost a good man in that blasted forest!
— Old Journal kept by a lumberjack
  There is no accurate estimation of how many lives have been claimed by the forest in total. Many of the people who wind up missing in the general area are suspected to have met their end in the forest, but until a body is recovered, no conclusion can be drawn.  

A necessary evil

While most townspeople avoid Lyvoth Forest like the plague, there are those who cannot, no matter how much they might wish to avoid it. This is due to a common profession, as many people in Minaye make a living working as lumberjacks.   Since many lumberjacks have disappeared over the years, the different companies employing them have started enforcing strict rules. Most companies require a team of men sent out, so they can work in pairs. Others go even further and require their employees to always be with 3 other lumberjacks, and for some of them to be carrying weapons.
Alternative Name(s)
The Dark Forest
The Forbidden Forest (among children)
Owning Organization

Settlement | Dec 27, 2022

A logging town in the south of Olinthis, lies close to the Subanya River and Lyvoth Forest.

The forest is truly a terrifying place, and yet we keep returning to it. We cannot survive without the wood it gives us, and so we slowly feed it more and more bodies.
— Town Elder from Minaye
Subanya River
Geographic Location | Dec 26, 2022

The river running past Yeleni and Evyn in Olinthis.

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