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Subanya River

Important Supply of Water

The Subanya River is the largest river flowing through Olinthis territory. It originates at the mountains to the south, right at the edge of the border, and flows all the way to the shoreline near Yeleni.  
Without thee Subanya River, there would be no Evyn and no Yeleni either!   It's what we all cling to!
— Farmer from Evyn

Essential water

The river supplies both Yeleni, the capital of Olinthis, and Evyn with fresh-water. It plays a vital role in the well-being of the inhabitants of both settlements, as their access to food relies on it. Most food consumed in the area is grown by the farmers in Evyn, so if they experience a drought, both cities will feel the consequences in the form of food shortages.   Furthermore, the river is used for transport between the two towns, it enables large shipments of wheat to be moved from Evyn to Yeleni, much faster than any horse caravan could.
Owning Organization

Settlement | Dec 25, 2022

Capital City of Olinthis. This city has a long history behind it.

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