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Supplier of Food

Evyn is a small farming town located near the Subanya River in Olinthis. Evyn mainly grows wheat and a specific sort of apples, loved by many in Yeleni. Most of their produce is exported to Yeleni, the capital of Olinthis.  
Most city people see us as simple-minded folks, but in reality, we have a vivid and lively town. We might be farmers by profession, but we know how to have fun!
— Inhabitant of Evyn

Professions in Evyn

The town houses a handful of shops with residences located over them. The craftsmen and grocers who run their shops on the main streets live in the small apartments over their stores. There are a few inns and taverns scattered around the heart of the town. Other than that, there are many little farms dotted around the landscape.   Most people living in the town make a living working the land around Evyn. Those who aren't farmers often work with other crafts. The town is home to a skilled woodworker, a few seamstresses and a few smiths.  

All for one

Evyn only houses a few thousand people, but those people are willing to go very far to help one another. It's a tight-knit community, and outsiders have a hard time becoming fully integrated in the social life in the town.
Here in town, we do everything to help our neighbours. Especially during harvest season, everyone lends a hand wherever it is needed!
— Farmer from Evyn

Social Hot-spots

The most popular spot in town, other than the main two inns, would be the public town hall. Here, the mayor of the town has his office, but there's also a big ballroom in the building.   The ballroom is used for all manner of social events and is a big gathering point for the townsfolk of Evyn. The most notable events are the Harvest Festival, Night of Lights and Flower Festival.
Owning Organization

Subanya River
Geographic Location | Apr 7, 2024

The river running past Yeleni and Evyn in Olinthis.

Settlement | Dec 25, 2022

Capital City of Olinthis. This city has a long history behind it.

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