The heart of Olinthis

Yeleni is a big, sprawling city with many beautiful sights to behold. It is located in Olinthis, out to the eastern sea. Yeleni is one of the oldest cities still inhabited in Dysvoll, and has many wonderous and historical sites sprinkled between the newer districts.  
Visiting Yeleni had been a dream of mine for decades. I had heard of its beauty and liveliness as a young woman, and I knew that I had to experience it before my time came.   I came here on a visit about 5 years ago, and then never looked back. I decided to settle down and live out the remainder of my life here, and I don't regret it in the slightest!
— Yelenian immigrant

Active and Alive

While many cities have bloomed and faltered over the centuries, Yeleni has managed to stay afloat and continuously revise and stay relevant to the world. Most believe the original Yeleni was founded well over eight hundred years ago, (some believe it to be well over a millennia old), and these beliefs are founded on historical references to the city. These references pop up all over Dysvoll, and throughout many different eras. It seems that the city has held a vital role for many years, and has managed to stay afloat due to this.  

A prosperous city

In the modern day, the city makes a living off of the tourism the city experiences due to it's rich history and reputation. Furthermore, travelling merchants from around the world keep the economy afloat and attracts all manner of wondrous treasures to be sold in the streets of Yeleni. The merchants all pay taxes to Olinthis, which generates a hefty revenue every year.  

Highly revered establishments

Many of the inhabitants of Yeleni make a living through running different establishments. The most lively and vivid streets in the city hold numerous hotels, inns, bars, cafes and restaurants. Some of the most revered restaurants are located in Yeleni, and some come to the city simply to dine on its fine cuisine.
I came to Yeleni to experience the delicious delicacies this city has to offer, the thing these people can do with fish is simply astounding!
— Food connoisseur

Belowed architecture

Yeleni is also a location of interest for most people who love architecture. The city has a wide variety of different styles scattered along it's old districts. Many of the districts are well preserved and have had extensive restoration work done. The city decided that they wanted to keep its long history alive instead of tearing down old buildings and making new ones.  


Before the nation became known as Olinthis, the area was under the rule of the Kyenashi Empire. Here, Olinthis' landmass was but a small part of the big empire. However, even if it might look insignificant on a map, Yeleni was extremely important in the grand scheme of things.   Yeleni grew rapidly during the hundreds of years it was under the empire's rule, and it became one of the most important locations in Kyenashi. It held an important position as a trading hub, as well as having many high society profiles living within it. It was a gathering point and had a big influence both in many different spheres. Artists, architects and musicians flocked to it, and it became both a politically strong city as well as a culturally impactful city.  

The peace negotiations

Yeleni became the final resting place of Emperor Yarken as well as the location for the peace negotiations during the civil war that followed the emperor's demise.   It was after this treaty that the Kyenashi Empire was split into smaller areas, and the nation of Olinthis was formed.   It was decided that the great city of Yeleni would serve as it's the main seat of operations and the capital.
Yeleni was really the only place peace negotiations could be held during the civil war.   It was his many children who were fighting over the throne, and the only place they were willing to talk peacefully, was at their own father's grave.
— Historian from the Dysvollean Archeological Society
Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization

Kyenashi Empire
Organization | Dec 12, 2022

An Empire that no longer exists.

All of the fish our fine establishment uses in its fine cuisine are caught locally. We use nothing but the highest quality of fish, all sourced right here from the waters around Yeleni.
— Owner of the Bluewater Delight
Bluewater Delight
Building / Landmark | Dec 25, 2022

A world-renowned restaurant, known for its delicious fish dishes. Located in Yeleni, Olinthis.

Golden Epitaph of Emperor Yarken
Item | Jul 26, 2021

A priceless artifact, and the plaque made for the grave of the last Emperor of Kyenash.

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