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Dysvollean Archeological Society

Remembering the Past

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The Dysvollean Archeological Society is the leading archeological institute in Dysvoll. The DAS was formed as a society to share information between scholars from the University of Kentla. As more members were accepted, and some went to further their studies at other universities, the organisation became more international.  
Our proud institution was formed to secure knowledge and a high standard within our field. We have upheld that very standard for over two centuries.
— a snippet from a pamphlet about the DAS

History of the Dysvollean Archaeological Society

The history of the Dysvollean Archaeological Society stretches back hundreds of years. The institute was the first of its kind, and started out as a much smaller project than what it turned into today. The DAS was the very first archeological institute to be established in Dysvoll.  

The founding of the society

The first iteration of the organisation was drafted up in 1364 ADF. The idea came from an experienced scholar in the archeological field, who sought to find like-minded people. This person was Osana Nilhin, who hailed from Elken and had received her education at the University of Kentla.   The essence of Osana's idea was, that together, scholars could share knowledge and improve. In this way, the whole field would improve if the brightest volunteered to guide everyone else and the steady exchange of knowledge would lead to a coherence in the field of archeology.   The first members were Osana, four other professors at the university as well as over 30 gifted scholars and students. Osana herself was named the Society President, as she oversaw the gatherings and other important affairs in the organisation.  

The Expansion

As years went by, and the students themselves became scholars and professors, they flew from the nest, as one could say. Many travelled the continent, went to host seminars and lectures in other nations, some found work there. All the while, they stayed in the society, and those who taught others, recruited new people in to secure the future of archeology.   In the beginning, they were around 35 people, but over the years, thousands joined. The strong network in the society ensured a high quality of work, but also a high quality of life for the members. They were handed new opportunities due to their network in the DAS.  


It's not always that the society has been in favour of what was right, or fully searched for the truth. In some cases, prominent members have been biased. Some wished to spread their views to other parts of the world, reshape the past or bury parts of it while enlarging other parts.  


The society has had a tendency to highlight history especially from Elken, Kanden and a handful of other states. Those in the west have often had their history downplayed, in a political play to weaken their claim on the area.   One part of this is also influenced by external forces, and not just the members. The society says they're a nonprofit but in reality they get donations from wealthy institutions and individuals who either want to twist certain aspects or even hope to acquire some new and unique decorations from time to time.   Furthermore they have a habit of removing things from their area of origin and transport them far away to rich cities where they can make a profit from showcasing them.

We Value Our Shared History

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Osana Nilhin
Character | Dec 17, 2021

An archeological scholar and the founder first president of the Dysvollean Archeological Society.

The society has been crucial to many big discoveries through the years. Many finds have been preserved due to our organisation, so that the common public could view them and learn from them
— member of the DAS
Society President
Rank/Title | Dec 17, 2021

The one elected to be the head of the Dysvollean Archeological Society.

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