Osana Nilhin

Renowned Archeologist

Osana Nilhin hails from Elken in Dysvoll. She had most of her childhood in the outskirts of Kentla. She grew up in a small family, it was just her, her mother, father and her younger brother. Her parents weren't wealthy, but had a stable enough income to send her to study.  
Osana was a leader.   A bright and intellectually gifted person who motivated those around her to better themselves.
— Student of Osana

Studies and the founding of the Society

As a young woman, Osana gained an interest in the times passed, history and those things lost in the soil. She soon started her study path into archeology. Quite fast, she got to study at the University of Kentla, with a professor.   She herself became a professor and scholar at the university. She became a renowned teacher and mentor, and had many students throughout the years who themselves went on to make great discoveries.  

The Dysvollean Archeological Society

At the age of 38, Osana created the Dysvollean Archeological Society. She herself became the Society President, the leader of the rest of the members, elected by them.
  It was an organisation for likeminded people, willing to further their field.
This institution spread over the world, and is in the current day and age, the leading historical organisation in Dysvoll.
Osana was president of the organisation for many years, 3 terms I believe. She was such a strong figure to have as the head of the organisation.
— member of the society
1326 ADF 1389 ADF 63 years old
Shoulder length, dark brown, curly
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Medium tan
Aligned Organization

Dysvollean Archeological Society
Organization | Dec 17, 2021

An organisation which focuses on "uncovering" the truth about human ancestry and history.

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