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Society President

Head of the Archeological Scholars

The Society President is the leader of the Dysvollean Archeological Society. The title has been in effect since 1346 ADF, it was made the same year the society itself was formed. Only respected archeological scholars who have been members of the society for over 10 years can be nominated for the position.  
The Society President should be one that all other members should strive to reflect. This individual should be an inspiration, and their will to learn, their need to seek new answers will lead others in the right direction too.
Osana Nilhin, first Society President

How to become Society President

To be nominated one must first have a formal education in archeology. Furthermore, to be put up for the position of society president, one must be nominated at 3 different gatherings, by 3 different individuals, who all have to have been a member for over 5 years. The nominee must've had an active membership for 10 years, that should still be active at the time of nomination.  

The final vote

After this nomination, the person is put on a list called the acceptance list, where all the new nominees are put on. Only those who get the support of more than half of the society, are elligeble have their name in the vote. The one with the least votes in each round is booted out, in the end, only two are left, and the one with the most support will become the president.
Academic, Professional
Source of Authority
The other members of the Dysvollean Archeological Society vote, and the one elected president therefor has authority due to their support.
Length of Term
10 years
First Holder
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