Port of the East-Coast

Kentla is a large town places in the south-east of Elken. It's a prominent trading town and has one of the most visited harbours on the east coast of Dysvoll. The town is a hub for traders from all over Dysvoll and is especially known for its local market which features potions, tonics and luxury clothes and cloth.   Other than the trading and market places, Kentla most notable for being the location of the Dysvollean Archeological Society headquarters.  

The Archeological Society

Not many people were interested in uncovering information about other civilizations who might've lived around Dysvoll before them. However, a few people had gained the interest of uncovering and preserve old historical buildings, books and artwork. Some people banded together in the town of Kentla and formed the Dysvollean Archeological Society. They set out to make sure that the historical sites weren't demolished like they often were beforehand.   Mostly, their plan worked. The organisation also had a big impact on different groups around the world, as some suddenly wanted to remember and honour their past. Some of this even made its way into some nations' identities.  


Many move to Kentla due to the many opportunities the town present to those who have the right skills. The town has a booming economy and many have become rich by playing their cards right.  

The Cloth Industry

The clothes and cloth industry is by far the most profitable in all of Kentla. Many youngsters are educated and taught the craft and the secrets of the generations before them so that they can keep the town's heritage and reputation alive. Many weavers and seamsters are situated in the town. This is because Kentla is known for its fine clothes and so it's quite easy to sell to all of the traders who come in from far and wide.
Large town
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