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Shrouded in Darkness

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The continent of Dysvoll is a continent found in the Human Realms. The entirety of Dysvoll is located in the northern hemisphere and the climate ranges from icy and cold to hot and mild depending on the latitude.  
Some call Dysvoll idyllic, others call it dangerous and harrowing.   The secret is, that Dysvoll is both. Beautiful during the day and horrific at night.
— Citizen of Briarholm
All credit for the map artwork goes to Dhelian, an amazing user here on World Anvil. (I'm allowed to use the map, don't worry :D)

Politics of Dysvoll

The continent is home to 17 different nations, as well as much land which is unclaimed or some, would say it is claimed by the wilderness. There are over 25 ethnicities living on the continent as well as over 30 surviving languages. The smallest country is the city-state of Hanalund which is only 2,354 km2 and the biggest is LILLALAND at 264,785 km2.  

Inhabited and uninhabited land

Dysvoll is both enchanting and treacherous. Over one-third of the continent is not inhabited or claimed by any nation. This is because the wilderness is simply too harsh and dangerous to wander into. Most uninhabited parts are ruled by animals and dark entities who will claim your life if you're unlucky enough to run into them.  
Name Land Area (km2) Land Area (mi2)
Entirety of Dysvoll 2,140,685 826,523
Civilized Area 1,304,991 503,860
Wilderness 835,693 322,663
  While the nations have warred and tried to conquer territory from one another, few nations have tried their luck at expanding by taking parts of the unclaimed lands.   The nation which has done this the most over the last 200 years is SEALAND, who established colonies on the coast of mainland Dysvoll.

List of states and territories

As stated earlier, there are 17 nations on the continent of Dysvoll. Their sized vary drastically and so does their influence, economies and way of ruling the nation.  
Name Land Area (km2) Land Area (mi2)
Hanalund 2,354 909
Estratoft 4,675 1,805
Bredtkiping 5,025 1,940
HEARTLAND 12,075 4,662
LAKELAND 21,248 8,204
TIPLAND 28,630 11,054
PASSLAND 53,002 20,464
DUNGLAND 56,842 21,947
Olinthis 57,904 22,357
SEALAND 81,002 31,275
Fennlad 113,048 43,648
KLOEVENDALLAND 167,264 64,581
Elken 208,321 80,433
REDLAND 208,608 80,544
LILLALAND 264,785 102,234
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