Vandel Tree

Light, sturdy and strong

Vandel trees are a common type of tree in Dysvoll and can be found all over the continent. It is most abundant in the northern parts and can be observed in large quantities in Kanden. Specifically Tredop Forest has the highest density of vandel trees compared to any other place in Dysvoll.  
I can't help but sniff my wooden desk every time I sit down to write my paperwork, Vandel trees simply have the best smell! It's so light and flowery in a sense!
— person who loves the smell of vandel wood


Vandel wood is a strong and long lasting type of wood. It has a deep brown colour and a woody and fruity smell which is easily detectable when the tree is cut down.   The wood is valued for its sturdiness and how strong it is when treated right. Furthermore, its praised for its light weight, as it is easier to build with and transport.  

Areas of usage

The nations in Kanden are the ones who use vandel wood to build with the most.   It is common to spot buildings made with Vandel Wood in cities around Estratoft, Hanalund and Bredtkiping as well as Alinage. Up to eighty percent of all buldings here are made with vandel wood.   Other nations around Dysvoll also use the wood, but far less often than those in Kanden. It is estimated that about fifteen percent of wood used for buildings in the rest of Kanden is vandel wood.

Supply of wood

Most of all vandel wood used for building is supplied by Vivandel Wood Workings, who find their supplies of vandel trees in the Tredop Forest which is near their headquarters in Tupdrop.   A few other businesses also work with Vandel wood, but most competition is wiped away before they can even grow in size or influence.
60-70 years
Geographic Distribution

Tredop Forest
Geographic Location | Dec 28, 2021

A forest located in Estratoft in Kanden. Has the highest density of Vandel trees.

Vandel Wood
Material | Jul 25, 2021

A sturdy and light wood found in high quantities in the Tredop forest.

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