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Tredop Forest

Beautiful and quiet forest

Tredop forest is a medium sized forest located in the south-western part of Estratoft in Kanden. Out of all forests in the entirety of Dysvoll it is the one that has the highest density of Vandel Trees, a type of Wood that is used very often in Kanden.  
We make our living from the forest. It gives us wood to sell and food to eat.   It is also the place where I personally go to find peace and quiet. It's truly a wonderful place.   When the sun sets and hits the crown of the trees just right, it feels like it's just you in the world in that moment and all worries fade away.
— Inhabitant of Tupdrop

Flora and Fauna

The forest is home to a wide array of animals and flora. Many berry bushes that can grow in the colder temperatures can be found here and the small animals and especially birds thrive in the dense leaves of the vandel trees.   The forests is usually overgrown with small colourful flowers during the spring and summer, which makes it a scenic location that many locals visit to get away from the bustling town.  

Lifeblood of a town

The forest is not only a safehaven for the animals and plants within it, but also the lifeblood of the humans who make a living off of the vandel trees that are found within it. The nearby settlement of Tupdrop is heavily dependent on the forests. The biggest export out of Tupdrop is Vandel Wood which are made in Vivandel Wood Workings. Vivandel wood Workings is the biggest business in the town and the economic situation of the citizens is highly dependent on the success of the business. Most people in town are employed at the woodworking plant.
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A small town in Estratoft. The home to the biggest wood supplying company in Kanden.

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