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The Highway for Cheese

Osdeflod, known alternatively as Osde River or the Cheese River, is a river that flows through the southern parts of Kanden in Dysvoll. It's situated just north of Dysvoll Ellecran Forest and east of the Oskel Highlands. It joins up to Stelling River, just east of Osdeby.  
The river is the basis for the survival of the town of Osdeby since it's their primary connection to get around to other settlements in the area.   It's also critical for the inhabitants of Osdeby, as they use it as their means of trading with others, especially to bring home essential resources as well as sell the cheese they produce, to earn a living.
The Osdeflod might not be as well travelled as Stelling River and some of the other rivers that connect to it, but it still plays a crucial part for many people.   It is mainly us here in Osdeby who rely on it, if the river was to dry out, we would be doomed.
— Citizen of Osdeby
They produce vast amounts of cheese, much more than they could ever eat themselves, so the Osdeflod ensures they can get to other cities and sell it instead.  

Highway of the Osdeby Cheese

The Osdeflod is used for the transport of many different things, many use it to gain access to the northern parts of the Ellecran forest. Some seek to bring home lumber, others to hunt the rare Ellenat Fox that resides in these areas. But the main ware transported on this water would be the vast amounts of cheese produced in Osdeby.   Osdeby is very famous for its cheeses, and the cheesemakers of Osdeby are the main supplier of cheese for most cities and larger towns in Kanden. The cheeses coming out of the town are known for being the most luxurious cheeses you can find in Kanden, as they are crafted from the best quality cow's milk and goat's milk. For this reason, the river is jokingly called the Cheese Highway.  
Back when I was young, we used to call it the cheese river for a whole other reason than what you all might think. It wasn't because it transported cheese, no, it was because it smelled like cheese!   The cheesemakers used to throw the waste products from the cheese production straight into the river, causing a most horrid stench!
— Elderly citizen of Osdeby
Alternative Name(s)
The River of Cheese
Osde River
Cheese River
The Cheese Highway
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Kanden is a territory in the northern parts of Dysvoll. The map was drawn by Dhelian, a very talented user here on World Anvil.

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Cheese good. Do they ever have problems with the river running too dry to navigate, or is it just a random point of concern?

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