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Ruins of Heneii

Ruins of a once bustling town

The Ruins of Heneii are what is left of the once busy and lively town known as Heneii. This town has been empty and left to crumble for well over eight hundred years. The town was once well-known, but after its descent into disrepair and being abandoned by the inhabitants, it has been mostly forgotten by everyone.  
We know of a town which was located in the area near the forest west of the northernmost points in Elken.   There are multiple historical sources referring to this settlement. We believe it must be the ruined structures located and reported by the inhabitants of Tellebern.


The ruins are located in northern Dysvoll in the area often referred to as Kanden. The town was placed right next to a small river which ended out in the northern ocean not far from the town itself. The ruins are just north-east of the forest known as Dunkelwood and north of Tellebern, which is a smaller town in Elken.   Back in its glory days, the town of Heneii was both a big exporter of lumber as well as corn and other farming produce. The lands near the town were very fertile and they harvested good quality crops. They mostly transported their goods to other towns in northern Dysvoll, especially those located close to the northern sea.  

Abandoned and left to ruin

The town was fairing very well around the year 720 ADF, but around this time, the amount of Dark Entities in the area increased considerably. Especially the Dunkelwoods became a dwelling point for the volatile creatures. They could hide in the shadows of the forest much better, and instead of perishing in the sunlight of the day, many of them made it through to the night because they were covered by shadows. This made the number of attacks on Heneii increase, and the inhabitants weren't able to protect themselves. They had no real magical talents in the town, and they were unable to build protective measures that could keep out the creatures.   More and more people moved away from the town, and many fled to other areas and settlements. The areas now known as Elken, Estratoft, Hanalund and Bredtkiping were the most popular destinations for the fleeing citizens.   The town soon after fell into disrepair, and later became a collection of ruined buildings. It slowly faded away from the collective memory as the years went by and generations forgot where their ancestors' stories of where they originally came from.

754 ADF

Large town
Kanden is a territory in the northern parts of Dysvoll. The map was drawn by Dhelian, a very talented user here on World Anvil.

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