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Ellenat Fox

Hunted for it's unique fur

The Ellenat Fox is a small sub-species found mostly in Dysvoll Ellecran Forest, and is quite rare compared to the common red fox. It's well know for it's uniquely coloured and dense fur, which stands in a stark contrast to the bright orange fur of the common fox.  
The Ellenat fox is sometimes also called the starry fox.   This is due to the light blue spots on the grey fur, which some say looks like the starry night sky.
— Zoologist from Elken
  Other than it's very unique fur, the fox is also known for it's eyes.   Whereas most common foxes have light brown eyes, the most common colour seen in Ellecran foxes are a light grey.
Paw Print
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  The grey colour stands in strong contrast to the thin stark black lines which surrounds the eyes. Some say it looks like the ellenat fox was painted with coal around the eyes, as the colour is so intensely black.  

Fox of the night

The name means fox of the night, but specifically the darkness that can be found in the dense Ellecran Forest. It's dark grey fur blends in well with the shade of the forest, and it's light blue-ish spots emulate the colour of the Crubak Berries well. Due to this colouring, it blends well with the the overgrown bushes of the forest it's commonly found in.  

A Coveted Coat

The coat of the Ellenat Fox is so unique and quite rare as well, and many want it for that reason. The look of it is very special and many find the combination of grey and blue to be enchanting.   This means, that the hide of a Ellecran Fox is highly sought after by many who wish to show off their wealth through their clothes, since the high demand and the small supply of it makes the price impressively high compared to other furs.   If anyone has a coat made out of the grey and blue fur of the ellecran fox, one knows that they are both extremely rich and probably quite powerful as well.
Through my career I've hunted in many different areas for many different animals. However, the last ten years or so, I've been here.   The reason for that you ask? I have yet to encounter anyone who will pay as much for one hide from an animal as the rich are willing to give for one Ellecran Fox! It's quite impressive really.   I'm able to earn enough to live a comfortable life in such a short amount of time now. Of course, that is only because I'm incredibly adept at hunting the elusive night fox!
— A hunter who primarily hunts in Ellecran Forest

warm and dense fur

The unique colours and pattern of the fox is not the only aspect of the fur that has made it a sought after ware. The density of the Ellecran Fox's fur has made it a luxury ware as well, since it is both warmer and softer due to it's increased density.   Generally, the forest doesn't have too much food compared to other places, and because nutrition is limited, it's important that the fox doesn't have to use too much energy on just staying warm. Therefore it's fur is thicker than that of the common red fox.   The density of a common fox's fur would be around 2-5 hairs per follicle, whereas the Ellecran fox has 8-12 hairs per follicle.

What does the fox eat

The Ellecran fox is, just like the common fox, an omnivorous animal. Its diet consists of both meat and fruits.   The most common thing for the fox to eat would be smaller rodents, such a mice, rats and rabbits. They also eat birds, if they're able to get their paws on them. Some areas the fox lives in may also be abundant with frogs and earth worms, which are also a common thing to see the fox munching on.   Other than that, fruits, nuts and berries are all a consistent part of the ellecran fox's diet as well. Especially Crubak Berries as well as larger fruits whcih fall to the forest floor.

Further Reading

by Ninne124
Scientific Name
Vulpes Nox Sidus
3-8 years
Average Weight
2 – 10 kg
Average Length
Body Length: 40 – 80 cm
Tail Length: 27 – 50 cm
Geographic Distribution

Taming a fox

It's possible to tame a wild Ellenat Fox, if one has raised it from kit.   However, it will usually still have the strong instinct of a wild fox, since it has not been domesticated through generations like dogs and cats have been.   Therefore, even if tamed, an ellenat fox doesn't make the best pet.   However, though they're hard to tame, one person is known to have been able to tame a fox fully. The tamer Edwin Fuchswald and his fox live in the forest in a small cabin, enjoying a quiet life.
The body language of the Ellenat Fox consists mainly of movement of the ears, tail and changes in the animals overall posture and body placement.   Rotating and adjusting ears generally indicate a curious fox, often listening for prey or other foxes. Perky ears indicate the fox is in a mood to play. A fast swishy tail generally indicate that the fox is aggressive.
— Ellenat Fox Hunter

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