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Crubak Berries

Flavourful, Juicy and well-liked

Crubak berries come from Crubak Berry Bushes, and grow during mid summer to mid fall. The berries are a brilliant bright blue colour and they are generally cone shaped. The berries are found in both a domesticated and wild-grown version, thought the two are very similar.  

Berry important information

The crubak berries can be harvested from the wild crubak berry bushes that are spread trhough forested areas and plains throughout the northern parts of Dysvoll. The best time to harvest them is generally at the start of fall, but they can be ripe anywhere from mid summer to mid fall.  

Domesticated berries are good berries

However, two areas are also very well-known for growing domesticated crubak berries, which are generally larger, more juicy and very flavourful. In Elken there is a high concentration of crubak berry farms in Biroaln which have the largest production of crubak berries in one place in the human world.   The one other place known for growing domesticated crubak berries is Alahon, the pocket dimension frequented by all types of Fae. This is the only place in the Fae Realms which are farming domesticated crubak berry bushes. Alahon also has the wild berry bushes which grow in the Alahon Ellecran Forest.  

Taste and Texture

Most people agree that the taste of the crubak berries are very pleasant and is known to be a universally liked food.  
Some might find it odd if another person dislikes the berries, at least in the north.   The crubak berries have a distinct sweet taste with a bit of sour, fresh underflavours. The berries are juicy and when the thin outer layer has been broken through, the meat is barely cohesive and tends to fall apart in the mouth.   Some of the berries are so juicy that people barely have to chew them, but rather they can just drink the contents.
I remember when I was a little, the entire family always laughed at aunt Peshi, because she couldn't stand the taste of crubak berries.   The poor woman never got any pie, unless she made it herself, since the family was known for their secret crubak berry pie recipe...
— Shelaine


The berries are commonly eaten fresh, however, it is not uncommon to use them in all different kinds of things. Both the humans and the fae incorporate them in both drinks, food and sweet snacks.   The most common thing to produce out of the berries in Alahon is Crubak Wine which is drunk by the fae especially during fall and winter. It is also used for Mocory Cream Soup which is served for the fae tradition known as Feast of the Fallen Leaves.  
The crubak wine is a very important component of our most beloved cream soup. The dish is simply not the same without it!
— High Fae Court Cook
  Furthermore they're sometimes pickled and used in salads, which is especially common in Elken. Crubak juice is popular in Kanden and a very common pie to bake during the fall and winter in northern Dysvoll is a crubak pie. Both crubak jelly and marmalade are also common to find, especially used on slices of bread.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
7-18 grams
Grows on
Crubak Berry Bushes  
Crubak Berry Bush by Ninne124

Crubak Wine
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Wine made from Crubak Berries. Quite sweet.

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A type of bush which produce bright blue berries. Mostly found in northern Dysvoll.

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A city in Elken both known for trade as well as being the largest producer of crubak berries.

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