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Crubak Berry Bushes

Common in Northern Dysvoll

Crubak berry bushes are a sort of flower bush which the Crubak Berries grow on. This bush is common in forested areas and grass plains in northern Dysvoll. The bushes usually grow to be 1 meter tall.  

Domestication and harvesting

  The Crubak berry bushes are also found one other place than Dysvoll, and that is in Alahon in the Alahon Ellecran Forest. This forest used to be a part of the Dysvoll Ellecran Forest before it was transported into the pocket dimension by Yleen Ikliass.  

Time of Harvest

The berries are ripe from mid-summer through mid-fall. The largest quantities of fruit to harvest is at the beginning of fall. The berries are medium sized and a light bright blue.  

Geographical Placement

There are both wild berry bushes as well as domesticated versions. The domesticated Crubak Berry Bushes are most abundant in Alahon and in Biroaln in Elken. The biggest plantation of crubak bushes in the human realms are to be found in Elken and espcieally Biroaln has a large export of crubak berries.  


  The crubak berries are used in many ways. It's very common to just eat the berry raw. Other uses include the making of pies, jelly, marmalade and juice.  
Crubak Berries are some of my favourite!   Whenever the summer is almost over, me and my family go the the Ellecran Forest to pick berries. We spend a whole day gathering as many as we can!   Mother usually makes the best marmalade out of them.
— Young boy from Elken
  They're also used for the production of Crubak Wine both in Alahon and in Elken. Here they use the domesticated versions, which produce slightly bigger berries that are prone to be more juicy and sweet, this makes the wine taste more pleasant.
Average Height
1 m
Geographic Distribution
Crubak Berry Bush by Ninne124
Crubak Berries
Item | May 31, 2021

Berries that grow on Crubak Berry Bushes. The berries are bright blue.

Crubak Wine
Item | Jun 30, 2021

Wine made from Crubak Berries. Quite sweet.

Cover image: by Ninne124


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