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Alahon Ellecran Forest

The stolen woods

The Alahon Ellecran forest is located on the main island in the pocket dimension known as Alahon. It was transported there from Dysvoll by the Fae. The rest of the Dysvoll Ellecran Forest is still located in the human world, in the northern regions of Dysvoll called Kanden. The forest isn't owned by any nation, but it is located to the south-west of Estratoft.  
The forest was one of my favourite places to spend my time when I was in the Human Realms, so I thought, why not take a part of it with me to my new home!
Yleen Ikliass, founder of Alahon

Into the Woods

The forest is very small, as it's confined to the main floating island. However, there is still both interesting plant life and some small groups of animals living their lives between the trees.  


The plantlife in the forest is almost identical to the plantlife found in the Dysvoll Ellecran Forest, with a few new flowers introduced to make it more aesthetically pleasing.   Most common trees in the forest include the Northern Oak, the Fuar Pak and the Common Birch.   Most common plants include ferns, Crubak Berry Bushes, orchids, moss, several grass types, rose bushes and small flowers.  
My favourite plant in the forest is the orchid! They're so enchanting.   Sadly, others have taken a liking to it too, and they keep ripping them out of the ground. We might not have more orchids in a few years!
— Botanist living in Alahon


The forest has few animals compared to its Dysvollean counterpart. The ecosystem was unbalanced the second the area was transported into Alahon and many animal species died out on the island.   There are no big predators left, as the food supply was too small, and they were hunted by the fae. The fae hunted the wolves especially since they kept killing the Red Deers that were living in the forest, which is an animal many of the fae find very beautiful.   There is plenty of small animals in the woods, including butterflies, flies, mosquitoes, bees, wasps, bumblebees, worms, mice and rats. Furthermore, there are a good collection of bird species, as well as a small population of bats. The biggest animal in the forest is the Red Deer. Currently, the population of red deer are at 23.

River of the Forest

The forest didn't have a natural water source running through it where it does now, this was added by Yleen Ikliass, the architect of Alahon. She added another island which floated above it and directed water from there to create a beautiful river which would flow down the forest.   Due to the difference in elevation on the forest island, the water flows in what almost looks like a circle, before flowing down the side and out into the darkness of the pocket realm.  

The River Rafting Misadventure

In 1502 ADF a tragedy took place in the Alahon Ellecran forest. A group of young fae had gone out to have fun, and they'd built a raft they could use on the main island river.
Someone dared a young fae named Sielln to sail down the river and over the edge, just to see what would happen. Sielln accepted the dare with little hesitation and sailed the raft over the edge, never to be seen again.   Many tried teleporting him back by reaching into the darkness for his life spirit, but no one succeeded.
I've seen one person go over the edge of the main island, I never saw him again.   River rafting on the main island river might have sounded like a fun plan, but I doubt it was worth giving his life for...
— Inhabitant of Alahon
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A map over the pocket dimension known as Alahon. This realm is inhabited by the fae.
Dysvoll Ellecran Forest
Geographic Location | Jun 29, 2021

A forest in the northern parts of Dysvoll. Part of it was transported to the pocket realm known as Alahon.

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