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Legnas the Illusionist

The fae who demanded a tree!

Legnas the Illusionist is a well known Fae. Both renowned for his talents in magic as well as his work on Alahon back when it was first being established. Furthermore, he became the talk of the fae world when he mysteriously vanished in 1446 ADF. There has been no contact from Legnas since, and his whereabouts as well as whether he remains alive is currently unknown.  

The Life of a Master Illusionist

One might imagine that one of the greatest illusionists and magic users must've come from something great. Maybe a respected family, with a lavish upbringing and talented parents? Or the underdog, coming from poverty and making it against all odds and becoming an inspiration!  


However the truth is that Legnas was neither a child of the wealthy nor a child of the poor.   Legnas was brought up in quite an average and almost downright boring family household. Both of his parents were Light Fae, both making a living by making cheap and simple enchants and illusions out of their little shop. The shop was located right under their living quarters, on a sidestreet in one of the more populated areas of the Fae Realms.   Legnas was born and raised in the area, which was also inhabited by other similar middle-class families. He went to both basic school as well as magic school on a regular schedule and sometimes helped out with the family business in his free time.  

Small pranks and much talents

The way Legnas discovered his talents for magic and illusions was not the lessons he received in it. He didn't get along well with his teacher and didn't feel inspired to take much part. However, in his free time with his friends, they started thinking about doing little harmless pranks. At first they were the general bucket-of-water-on-the-door, but soon one of Legnas' friends thought of bringing a little magic touch to their games.  
I do remember the day I first had a genuine interest in learning magic.   It was the day my friend made an illusion so convincing that it sent the teacher running because he was certain an army of Nordic Stinkers were right on his tail!
— Legnas the Illusionist
This motivated Legnas to learn magic, since his friends showed him how much fun you could have with simple illusions, if they were convincing enough.   He proved to have a real knack for the craft, and soon was way ahead in skill than all the other students in the school. Illusions came the easiest to him, but he also improved greatly in the other schools of magic.

From trickster to respected scholar

At the age of 24, Legnas had grown to be a skilful and intuitive magic user, who was both capable of silly tricks and practical, strong magic. He was still attending magic school. However, due to his advanced level, he barely followed the teaching that went on there.   This was until a new teacher arrived at the establishment. One who recognised great potential when they saw it. Mrs Ilithya was a magic scholar herself, and with her guidance, Legnas was accepted into a prestigious magic school where he honed his skills.   He completed all the courses and practical training they could offer, and came out on the other side as a distinguished and respected magic scholar himself.  

The scholar

When Legnas finally graduated from the magic school, he was a well known face between most of the fae. Even though he hadn't been training and studying on his own, he had already made himself noticed for the work he did under the guidance of others.  

An interesting Project

This led to Yleen Ikliass to seek him out, as she was interested in acquiring his skills for a quite bold project she was working on. This project started when she discovered an uninhabited pocket dimension, and decided to make something of it.   She had managed to get the project going, but only with Legnas help did it turn into the Alahon that is known in the present. The head-quarters of the High Fae Court and a common ground for all of the fae.   Legnas never demanded payment for the project, all he asked was one odd little thing. He wanted to bring his favourite tree with him into the realm as he was helping with the construction of everything. This tree is still known as The Tree of Legnas.  

One last trick

Legnas performed a lot of tricks and magic that people almost found hard to believe, and that they remembered for years. But some jokingly say, that his final trick was the one that never left the public consciousness, ever.   In 1446 AFD, Legnas went missing. At this time, he was around 173 years old. Since the average life expectancy for fae is 180, so most believe him to be long dead by now.
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Date of Birth
1273 ADF
Ruled Locations
The Tree of Legnas

Legnas the Illusionist
Character | Dec 11, 2021

A famed fae, skilled in illusions and other magics. Demanded a tree as payment for making Alahon inhabitable.

Legnas was one of the most brilliant people I ever knew. He intimidated me when we first made each others acquantance.   But as we got to know one another, I discovered a very silly and kind side of him that I hadn't expected. He was charismatic, and drew people in with more than just the magic.
Geographic Location | Jul 22, 2022

A part of the Fae Realms, though not bound to a specific type of Fae like the rest are. This realm is used for diplomatic interactions between all of the Fae and is the head quarters of the High Fae Court.

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