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Nordic Stinker

You smell it before you see it!

The Nordic Stinker is a small bug insect that many people despise for it's putrid odor. It's often considered a pest, as it's known to migrate to new areas and be extremely hard to get rid of again. The insect is small and hard to spot due to it's neutral brown colours, which blend in well with both the dirt of the forest floors as well as wooden floors.  

Geographical Span

The bug mainly lives in the northern parts of Dysvoll especially in Kanden. It also populates the isles of Alahon, where it is intensely hated by the Fae who live there.   They're known for being an invasive species and they take over geographical land areas rather quickly. This ends with other insects declining in population and some ecological habitats being ruined and the balance upset. Furthermore, they're also known to make homes inside of human made structures, effectively driving any inhabitants away due to the repulsing smell.  

Hard to exterminate

The bug has a protective shell which is slightly resistant to magic. This makes them hard to eradicate with magic, if one wish to do so. This is the main reason why the fae of Alahon have such a hard time exterminating them.
1 year
Average Weight
15-25 grams
Average Length
3-4 centimeters
Geographic Distribution

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