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The Tree of Legnas

The First Living Tree in Alahon

The tree of Legnas is a completely ordinary tree found in Alahon. This tree was brought to the realm by Legnas the Illusionist. It was his demand that he got to take the tree there. If this demand was not met, he would have refused to assist Yleen Ikliass in her quest to make Alahon inhabitable.   The tree is the first plant to survive being transported to the realm, as all other plant life found on the land pieces transported there by Yleen wilted away and died.  

From common tree to a symbol of peace

Species and Rarity

The tree is of the species known as Mocory Tree, which bears the Mocory Nuts in late summer to early fall.   The tree is fairly common in the northern parts of Dysvoll. It's particularly common in Elken and Estratoft.
It is quite splendid, is it not?
I regard it as the finest tree in all of Alahon!

Fae Traditions

The nuts harvested from the tree of Legnas inspired a new dish that was made after the founding of High Fae Court and the dish is now a symbol of peace for the fae.   The soup is known as the Mocory Cream Soup and is usually eaten at the Feast of the Fallen Leaves, which is held in Alahon on a yearly basis.  

Legnas' Dissapearance

The tree is officially recognized as belonging to Legnas the illusionist, though he has been missing since 1446 ADF. Most believe he is dead, but even though he hasn't been seen for over a hundred years, no one wants to change the legal ownership status of the tree.
Tree of Legnas by Ninne124
Alternative Names
The First Tree
The Elder Tree
Parent Location

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