VISCERIUM Discover a grim world of occult themes, where demons and angels are not as you've known them. Divided across four eras, VISCERIUM boast an intertwined timeline sure to accomodate most.

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VISCERIUM is a tale of eternal struggle, a grim verse under constant threat of demonic incursions. From the pounding drums of medieval warbands to the thunderous engines of space-faring ships, human history is nothing but a deadly tug-of-war. Follow humanity's darkest eras, and uncover unique locations, creatures and factions, all fighting for their survival.
In the shadowed realm of the Degel System, a haunting tapestry unfurls, woven with threads of ancient malevolence and the fragility of human existence. Within its grim confines, a ceaseless struggle ensues, where the very survival of humanity hangs in the balance, beset by relentless incursions of demonic menace and heavenly hypnosis.   From the relentless war drums echoing through the blood-soaked battlefields of the medieval epoch, to the thunderous reverberation of engines propelling space-faring vessels through the void, VISCERIUM traces a harrowing journey across the darkest chapters of human history. With each passing era, the weight of desperation and the chilling spectre of oblivion grow ever more pronounced. Venture forth into this treacherous landscape, where unique locations, grotesque abominations, and enigmatic factions tentatively stand united by their struggle for survival in a world drenched in sombre hues.
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  • Medieval
  • Fantasy, Dark
  • Low magic
  • Magical realism
  • Magic, Gunpowder
Throughout the lush plains of Errack, villages disappear overnight and rumors of an unstoppable force, emerging from the shadows, spread like wildfire. As the nobles and royal families struggle against a surge in magic-users, endangering their fragile society, an ancient enemy resurfaces to threaten humanity's existence.


  • Dieselpunk
  • Science fantasy, Dark
  • Low magic
  • Magical realism
  • War, Industrial revolution
As the Industrial age changes every aspects of human life, battles between humans and demons become increasingly gruesome and scarce. Armored machines and chemical weapons changed the battlefield, and as humanity embroils itself in conflict over resources, their ancient enemy grows ever more powerful.


  • Modern-adjacent
  • Science fantasy, Dark
  • Low magic
  • Magical realism
  • Computers, Globalism
With the dawn of global satellite surveillance, the world was thought to be safe, once and for all. As militaries gain a global coverage, demonic incursions are identified and intercepted before they become a major threat. Recent failures, however, have left many wondering if such interventionist actions are the way forward.


  • Science fantasy
  • Dark Cyberpunk
  • Low magic
  • Magical realism
  • AI, Mecha, Space
The days where humanity reigned over Errack are long gone, the apocalypse reigns. When the first space elevators were built and the first ships launched, hubris left most nations defenseless against the unexpected demonic resurgence. Still, human bastions remain, guarded by impregnable walls and desperate people.
Inspired by occult and pagan themes, with a drive to question worldviews of morality and balance. VISCERIUM targets a mature audience and aims to deliver a deep story that is sure to intrigue both fantasy and Sci-fi fans alike with it's continuous history spanning four key eras.

The Seven

Behold the Nadirs of Sin, a chilling embodiment of wickedness that fractures the frail boundaries of virtue. Known as "The Seven", these dread leaders emerge from the depths of darkness, their malefic presence permeating existence. Each Nadir epitomises vice and malevolence, like serpents entwined in a dance of corruption, they wield their nefarious influence over the realms, whispering poison into the hearts of mortals and tainting the fabric of reality itself.   As icons of corruption, "The Seven Nadirs of Sin" evoke a world steeped in moral decay. They revel in chaos, orchestrating the downfall of empires with insidious glee. Their power is vast, their maleficence woven into the fabric of reality.   Beware the siren call of the Nadirs, for their whispers of temptation can shatter the resolve of the noblest souls. From the chilling embrace of Envy to the searing fires of Wrath, their insidious influence draws forth the hidden darkness that slumbers within us all. In their wake, ruins of shattered dreams and the cries of the fallen bear testament to the destructive might of these malevolent paragons.   Step cautiously, for the necrotide looms ever closer, ready to engulf all.

The Holy Septuplet

The resplendent presence of The Holy Septuplet, renowned as "The Seven Zeniths of Virtue", casts an awe-inspiring radiance. These enlightened beings, endowed with superior power, draw strength from the collective consciousness of sentient life, their very essence pulsating with the energy of enlightenment. They stand as beacons of divine purpose, their majestic splendor casting an opaque veil.   In stark contrast to the malevolent Nadirs of Sin, The Holy Septuplet embodies an innate desire to purify the impure and restore light to the realm. While each Zenith thrives on the potent emotions of living beings, their objective lies in conversion rather than destruction. Through this symbiotic process, they sustain their ethereal might, harnessing the power of countless souls to further their cause of eternal purity and righteousness.   Yet, behind the captivating facade of their resplendent radiance, secrets lie concealed, awaiting the discerning gaze that dares to see beyond the surface. In the allure of their majesty, many are blinded to the subtle undercurrents and enigmatic motives that permeate their being.   Unravel the enigma of The Seven Zeniths of Virtue, and venture forth with caution, for within their celestial embrace lies a realm both mesmerizing and disquieting, where the boundaries between enlightenment and darkness blur into an intoxicating dance of shadows and revelations.