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In the expanse of reality, all things resonate with a primal vibration, the heartbeat of existence, a rhythm, oscillations, amplitudes, frequency... all echoing throughout the universe. This vibration whispers of untold power, its beat not heard yet undeniably present.
  Those capable of attuning to this cosmic melody are dubbed Resonants, conduits of the unseen forces that shape the world. Through their connection to the Wyrdweave, they unlock a form of telekinesis, allowing them to bend matter to their will. Those who are ‘in-tune’ with solid matter - Muld (solid) Resonants, with their stoic demeanour reminiscent of the ground itself, can lift great boulders, hurl a torrent of sharp rocks, or re-shape iron into a javelin, their control over the tangible world an extension of their very being.   However, like the ebb and flow of the tides, Resonance is subject to the immutable laws of energy and temperature. The exertion required to manipulate matter scales exponentially, with feats of greater magnitude demanding ever-increasing amounts of energy. Thus, while it may be child's play for a Bylga (liquid) Resonant to move small amounts of oil, or a Muld Resonant to move clumps of dirt, the task becomes infinitely more arduous when faced with denser materials like mercury or platinum.   Furthermore, the balance of power within the realm of Resonance is delicate, easily swayed by the temperamental whims of temperature. Should the heat rise to a fever pitch or plummet to icy depths, control over matter shifts, with Svar (heat) or Isen (cool) Resonants seizing dominance over their respective elements. In this eternal dance of creation and destruction, Resonance stands as both a beacon of hope and a harbinger of darkness, its mysteries waiting to be unravelled by those brave enough to seek its embrace.  

Frequency Spectrum

States of matter


    Vindr Resonance can manipulate matter that is in a gas state. Gases are defined as matter in a state in which it will expand freely to fill the whole of a container, having no fixed shape and no fixed volume. This, is what Vindr Resonance can manipulate.  


    Bylga Resonance can manipulate matter that is in a liquid state. Liquids are clasified as a nearly incompressible fluid that conforms to the shape of its container but retains a (nearly) constant volume independent of pressure. This, is what Bylga Resonance can manipulate.  


    Muld Resonance can manipulate matter that is in a solid state. Solids are characterized by structural rigidity and resistance to a force applied to the surface. This, is what Muld Resonance can manipulate.


Temperatue is unique due to it being seperated into two categories. The ability to heat matter, Svar, and the ability to cool matter, Isen.


    Svar Resonants are able to increase the temperature of all states of matter and then control it.


    Isen Resonants are able to reduce the temperature of all states of matter and then control it.
Metaphysical, Arcane
Maximum range
25m (82ft) diameter, centred on Resonant
Galdyr / Galdrvyr
Material | Jun 22, 2024

Once known as Galdrvyr, Galdyr is a strange material utilised by Resonants to create objects capable of channeling and focusing their Resonant energy.

All artwork that isn't an original creation by myself (@Bladeswillfall) will be replaced with either original pieces or commissioned art.


Resonance manifests as a spectral, undulating trail of energy that emanates from the Resonant's actions. This trail can appear in a variety of ways from having a dense shadowy core to one formed of ethereal light, but all are surrounded by an eerie glow that refracts prismatic hues, creating an accretion disk-like bending of light at its fringes.

The trail gently pulsates and vibrates with an otherworldly energy, its three-dimensional form undulating like overlapping waveforms caught in an endless dance. Each wave seems to glitch and distort in place, with mesmerising colours dancing across its edges, instilling an unsettling sense of unreality as it tapers and gradually fades away, leaving only whispers of its presence lingering in the air. When a Resonant exerts their will, their actions unleash vibrations that reverberate throughout the environment they occupy.   As the spectral trail of energy undulates and dances, it is accompanied by a symphony of otherworldly sounds that reverberate through the environment. Each Resonant's power produces a distinct auditory signature, ranging from unsettling to awe-inspiring.   For some Resonants, their actions unleash a series of ethereal, high-pitched wailing screams that pierce the air, sending chills down the spine of those who bear witness. The screams seeming to echo from realms beyond comprehension, their haunting melodies lingering and fading uncomfortably long after the spectral trail has dissipated.   Others, however, command a more primal force, their Resonance manifesting as chest-pounding, animalistic, warbling dark bassy tones that resonate deep within. These ominous vibrations rumbling and pulsating with an ancient, primordial power.   Yet, amidst the diverse auditory expressions, all Resonance produces an underlying harmonic tone, a signature of the Resonant themselves. For some, this is akin to the pure, resonant hum of a weighted tuning fork or the low, sustained notes of a finely-tuned double bass. For others, it manifests closer to the shimmering echoes of a gong or the delicate chime of a small bell.  


To wield it and control Resonance, a Resonant must concentrate on the desired outcome and match it with a somatic action. This action helps to focus the spell and provide a direction or target. The specific action varies from Resonant to Resonant in the same manner that one mathematician might solve an equation one way and another would solve that same equation differently. It simply comes down to how the Resonant learnt to control matter.   Whilst a Resonant can not create matter, they can alter and manipulate it. For example, a Muldic Resonant could lift boulders from the ground and hurl them, or shatter those same boulders into rocks. Whereas an Isenic Resonant could heat one of those same rocks into a semi-molten state at which point they too could then throw it. Or, an Isenic Resonant might be more suited to working with a blacksmith, for their ability to heat and sustain a specific temperature on an object would be invaluable during the forging process.  

    Somatic action

    A Resonant embodies the fluid grace of a river in motion. With each gesture, they mirror the flow of water, orchestrating a symphony of elegance and power. Ribbons of liquid energy cascade through and around them, whether each movement is deliberate and precise, or elegant and acrobatic, there is a fluidity that defines their every action.   In their manipulation of matter, the very air shimmers with iridescence, evoking the tranquillity of twilight on a tranquil lake.   An agile, acrobatic resonant weaves the flow of resonance around them. Their actions surgical and yet mesmerising, their fluid motions blurring the line between artistry and combat, as they effortlessly evade attacks while simultaneously weaving their own with unrivalled grace.   Yet Resonance transcends graceful motions alone. In the hands of an in-elegant Resonant, Resonance takes on a different form. Their actions become commanding, each robust gesture channels raw strength, causing the ground to quake beneath their feet. Ribbons of energy surge forth, tearing through obstacles with a ferocity reminiscent of a whip striking ice.   Resonants are masters of movement, employing a wide array of techniques that range from acrobatic finesse to powerful displays of force. They often blend techniques to suit their strengths, physical attributes, and personal preferences. Each develops a unique style, influenced by background, training, and innate connection to Resonance.

    Harmonic action

    While not required, least so during combat, many Resonants choose to further amplify the power of their Resonance through harmonic vocalisations. These vocalised tones and chants act as a focusing lens, harnessing and directing the unseen energies with greater precision and potency.   The specific vocalisations employed are as unique as the Resonants themselves, ranging from haunting melodies to guttural intonations. Some Resonants take the time to weave ethereal, multi-layered chants that seem to echo from realms beyond, as part of a ritualistic utilisation of Resonance. Others unleash primal, rumbling invocations that reverberate in the bones, channelling an ancient, primordial power.   At their core, each Resonant’s vocalisations contain a fundamental harmonic tone uniquely attuned to their essence. This signature frequency, whether a pure sustained hum or shimmering chime, is the foundation for more complex harmonic layers.   To consistently amplify their abilities, and during combat when focus and time are critical, Resonants often forgo vocalisation entirely. Instead, they utilise items moulded from Galdyr. During the ceremonial creation, these weapons, staves or trinkets become attuned to the Resonant's unique harmonic frequency. When wielded, they transcend the need for vocalisation, becoming seamless conduits for projecting the Resonant's harmonic will upon fundamental energies.


    Sorcery range.png
    Resonance, like all things, has its limits. One of those limits is range. Whilst an object in motion will stay in motion unless another force acts upon it, a Resonant is only able to manipulate objects within their range. To clarify, a Muldic Resonant may launch a rock well beyond the limits of Resonance if they expend enough energy to do so. But once that rock leaves the Resonant's range, it is simply physics that allows the rock to continue flight and not the Resonant's power.   A Resonant's range reflects their proficiency, as does the density of matter that they can control. This is because it takes more energy to manipulate an object at a distance than it does to manipulate one within the Resonant's palm. Only the strongest of Resonants are able to manipulate matter out to the full range of 25 metres.  


    The five variants of Resonance are seperated by the complexity and skill required to manipulate the matter in question. In terms of a difficulty scale, it is commonly agreed that Vindr is the easiest to use. Followed by, Bylga, Muld, Isen and then finally Svar. This is due to the ammount of energy required to manipulate dense matter and the result of spending that energy.


The use of Resonance exacts a profound toll, draining not just physical energy but the Resonant's very essence. Each manipulation of matter chips away at their soul's vitality, gradually diminishing their longevity. Overexertion can lead to dire consequences, as their consciousness fades with depleted energy reserves. In extreme cases, they may slip into a comatose state, teetering on the brink of oblivion.   The consequences extend beyond the individual Resonant. Manipulating matter and energy on a grand scale can distort the natural flow, causing tremors and warping reality itself. Powerful Resonants can leave lasting scars on the surrounding environment through their use of Resonance.   Wielding Resonance demands a delicate balance. Resonants must weigh the potential benefits against the inherent risks and costs. Only through discipline, restraint, and a deep understanding of the forces they wield can they hope to harness this power without succumbing to its insidious toll.  

    Fat vs Fit

    The use of Resonance demands a delicate balance between energy reserves and physical prowess. This has given rise to two contrasting schools of thought regarding the ideal physicality of a Resonant.   One perspective favours a higher fat content, as it provides a larger energy reserve to draw upon when manipulating matter. Proponents argue that this allows Resonants to exert their abilities for extended periods, burning through their fat stores to fuel their arcane endeavours.   However, critics of this approach highlight the somatic component of Resonance, which requires agility, stamina, and precise bodily control. A larger frame, they contend, may hinder the fluid movements and acrobatic grace necessary for mastering the intricate gestures and stances that shape the arcane forces.   The opposing view advocates for a leaner, more athletic physique with a low to moderate fat content. This approach strikes a balance, providing sufficient energy reserves while maintaining the physical conditioning and endurance crucial for sustained Resonance usage. Proponents believe this equilibrium allows Resonants to wield their powers with both potency and finesse, seamlessly blending the mental and physical aspects of their craft.

    The Hollowed

    The gravest consequence of excessive Resonance usage, bar death itself, is the risk of becoming Hollowed. The Hollowed are those who have lost their very souls, their essence drained by the toll of Resonance overexertion.   Devoid of emotion, memory, and identity, the Hollowed are mere shells of their former selves. Their eyes, once windows to vibrant inner lives, now gaze blankly, reflecting only an empty void where their spirits once resided. Their faces, once expressive and intricate, now a stoic mask to an expressionless body. They exist in a perpetual state of detachment, going through the motions of life without purpose nor passion.   No longer capable of wielding Resonance, the Hollowed live mechanically, their actions devoid of the artistry and grace that once defined them. They are but puppets for the ruling forces to manipulate, lacking the depth of understanding or connection that life demands.   Tragically, the process of becoming Hollowed is irreversible, a one-way descent into oblivion from which there is no return. It is a cautionary tale that serves as a grim reminder of the delicate balance Resonants must strike, lest they succumb to the very forces they seek to command.

    Exotic Radiation

    The use of Resonance emits a form of exotic radiation. This radiation, while typically undetectable as it blends with background radiation, can be measured for several days following significant Resonance usage. Prolonged exposure to substantial amounts of this exotic radiation can lead to cellular damage and DNA alterations, posing potential health risks to frequent Resonance users.   The Wyrdweave also emits this same exotic radiation but at significantly higher intensities. Proximity to Wyrdweave hotspots can amplify a Resonant's abilities, creating areas of immense power. However, this amplification comes at a cost: extended presence near these hotspots can accelerate cellular breakdown and dramatically increase cancer risks, even in relatively short periods.   This duality of the Wyrdweave - as both a source of power amplification and a potential health hazard - creates a complex risk-reward scenario for Resonants. It parallels the challenges faced by space travellers exposed to cosmic radiation, where the exotic nature of the radiation encountered poses unique and poorly understood risks. As with space exploration, the full long-term effects of exotic radiation exposure from Resonance and Wyrdweave interaction remain a subject of ongoing study and concern.

Effect of Resonance on the human form

Resonants possess a unique biological adaptation: a modified dermal papillae layer featuring an intricate, swirling pattern reminiscent of ripples in water. These patterns, centred on key energy points, form interconnected rings at the palms, soles, front of knees, elbows, shoulders, ears, centre of the chest above the heart, and throat.   This mutation, akin to a genetic variation of vibratory urticaria, enhances a Resonant's sensitivity to vibrations and the flow of Resonance energy. Unlike the allergic response seen in vibratory urticaria, Resonants' modified tissue allows them to perceive and channel energy with extraordinary precision. The rings act as focal points, slightly reducing local skin sensitivity while amplifying their attunement to Resonance.   While typically unnoticeable to the naked eye, these intricate patterns become visible under specific conditions. A skilled anatomist, upon carefully peeling back the epidermis, would reveal a mesmerising network of swirls and ripples in the underlying tissue. This unique structure increases the surface area between the dermis and epidermis, potentially enhancing the skin's resilience to the stresses of Resonance manipulation.  

Mini-story snippets

Hungry for more?
Below are some mini-story snippets, each roughly 3.5minutes long, depending on your reading speed.
Each showcases Resonance in a unique way, focusing on one of the five types of Resonnce.  

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Cover image: The Water wizard by Darryl He


Author's Notes

The Somatic components of Resonance is inspired by Capoeira and Pencak Silat for the more agile/acrobatic users of Resonance, Hung Ga kung fu for those who are slower/more bulky. This is due to their emphasis on 'flowy' movements and decisive strikes, which I believe compliments the fundamentals of Resonance.

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Such a great overview of your world's magic system. I love the debate between 'fat & fit', and how somantic motions will have evolved in different areas due to differences of opinion. And I love that often there is a harmonic component as well. Poor Hollowed, though. :(   Really robust article, very believable.

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