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Myrkild (/mɜrkɪld/)

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Watch for unusual growths on your meat, fruit and vegetables, these can be indications of Myrkild in the vicinity. Under no circumstances should you consume produce you believe to be infected.
— Public notice
  Myrkild are symbiotic parasitic microorganisms, otherworldly scourges, consumers of organic matter. Their most basic form, a singular Myrkild cell, is capable of multiplying at an alarming rate, consuming, building and connecting new matter. New Myrkild. From a singular unintelligent cell, to an almost mycelial-like network of cells, to eventually being capable of forming multiple beings all connected via hivemind with crude personalities… The Myrkild infest, consume, create in an endless cycle.   But do not be deceived, for the Myrkild are a diverse species, each race boasting its own method of infiltration and a unique, terrifying form of transformation. As they consume more and more biomass, these microorganisms give birth to a host of grotesque constructs, each a testament to their diabolical ingenuity.   Once the Myrkild's shadow has cast itself upon a host, an eerie equilibrium may persist for a fleeting moment, concealing the impending cataclysmic transformation. But in most cases, the changes occur with breathtaking speed, obliterating any trace of the host's original form in a matter of days.    

The manifestation of Demons

Species, Strains and Constructs - What is a Myrkild?

    Uravand cells

    The seed, the progenitor of the seven different Myrkild species. Uravand cells mutate into one of the seven species of Myrkild when they first come into contact with an intense emotion. Be that of Gluttony, Envy, Sloth, Wrath, Lust, Pride or Greed. Once mutated, it will then infest, consume and create. This mutation defines the species of Myrkild.

      A hidden rot

      Deep under the surface, the endless networks of Myrkild tunnels smother Errack. Centred on the north-pole and deeper still, warped cancerous roots stitch themselves into Errack's crust. Like bone marrow, these roots produce vast quantities of Uravand cells. Within the deepest Myrkild tunnels, tumours from the roots below burst forth into the cavernous chambers. These tumours form blighted wellsprings, pools of primordial soup. Uravand cells inject into and swirl amongst Myrkild infested fluid, mutating the Uravand cells into new Myrkild.

    Myrkild species

    There are currently seven different species of Myrkild known to mankind. The species are; Gluttony, Envy, Sloth, Wrath, Lust, Pride and Greed. Each has a unique appearance but they share some consistent similarities such as; they all contain a spiked icosahedral core, a translucent outer membrane and the surface of the Myrkild bares various masses. These masses vary dependent on the Myrkild's species. For example, Pride Myrkild have long, thin thorns protruding from their surface, whereas Gluttony Myrkild have concave pits potmarking their outer membrane.   In addition to their similarities in apperance, the Myrkild all share an aversion, and weakness, to fire and UVc light. Fire has been used for millennia to destroy the Myrkild, reducing them to ash. In the modern age, humanity furthered this discovery by utilising UVc emiting bulbs, chemicals and other such creations. Eventually coming to utilise various degrees of laser technology as part of their arsenal against the Myrkild.  

    Strains of the dark gore

    Potency and variance. The strain defines what construct(s) the Myrkild is able to form. They are in essence, the unique puzzle pieces that make one construct or another rise from the sinewy ooze.


      Throughout the Eras, the Myrkild strains have evolved, and so too do the constructs these microorganisms can form. Every few years, new variants appear, some more successful than others, and with this appearance of new evolutions the Myrkild get ever stronger. They learn to combat humanity's weapons, their drugs and medicines, reacting to these new threats by mutating and adapting evermore.

    Constructs - manifestation of intent

    Constructs are best defined as the being that is formed by an amalgamation of Myrkild. These often horrific creatures bear individuality derived from their species, yet their minds interlace within a tight-knit network. They share thoughts and dark whispers across their Myrkild kin. Calling such unnatural, unhuman beings "Demons" is an easy stretch for the mind.
    The 7 Nadirs of Sin are simply constructs from an extremely potent strain of their Myrkild species. These entities possess a unique twist upon their telepathic communion, bridging much greater distances to converse with their kin. Beyond mere words, they may also seize control of their brethren, seeing through the eyes of others and forcibly executing their malevolent will.

Content warning(s):
mature themes, body horror, gore, microorganisms
Scientific name
Myrkt smita
Average size
Consistent features
A translucent outer membrane with various masses protruding outwards from the surface of the membrane, and a spiked icosahedral core.
A persistent weakness to fire, UVc light.
-22°F to 170°F (-30°C to 76.66°C)
The Endless war
Military Conflict | Nov 12, 2023
All artwork that is not an original creation by myself (@Bladeswillfall) will be replaced in time with either original pieces or commissioned art.

The metamorphosis of biomaterial

Once infested by true Myrkild, the clock of an inescapable fate begins to tick. No form of biomatter is immune, and though infection takes its time to unveil its malevolence, each species and strain carries its own manner of symptom presentation within its host. If lucky, that simply means a quick death and consumption, to be reduced to nourishment for the Myrkild. For those less fortunate to feel the prolonged bane of infection, they bare manifestations such as:  
    Myrkild - Gluttony by Me (fall)


    At first the Gluttony variant of Myrkild manifest as concave, gaunt and desaturated sections of the skin and muscles. With rapidly decaying inners, this creates a breeding ground for the growth of Boleth, Nadir of Gluttony's underlings. After a short while, constructs in the form of parasitic worms among other spawn, begin to collate inside and around the infected area, hastening the consumption of biomass by the Myrkild by diversifying its methods.   Gluttony Myrkild, in their most basic form - singular microorganisms, rely on bacteria and parasites, hiding within them for transmission between hosts.


    Pale, sickly looking skin bordering on a pasty appearance. Intense paranoia swiftly overtakes those infected by Envy Myrkild and resentment fills their mind. Soon after, the eyes turn pitch black and double platinum-coloured iris' form. It is not uncommon for multiple 'black eyes' to form with quick succession in random places across the body. A subtle mimicry of Evaxi, Nadir of Envy's form.   Envy Myrkild, in their most basic form - singular microorganisms, are vector-borne and as such are transmitted by the bite of infected arthropods, their method of transmission between hosts.
    Myrkild - Envy by Me (fall)
    Myrkild - Sloth by Me (fall)


    Bulbous black masses connected by dark sinewy webs across the skin. Slowly creeping and pulling its way through and across just below surface whilst biomass is converted inside. Initially starting off as just a feeling of extreme fatigue and melancholy, the black webs quickly reveal themselves as the site of infection and begin to spread. Just like Boleth, Nadir of Gluttony, they follow no true pattern nor rhyme.   Sloth Myrkild, in their most basic form - singular microorganisms, rely on small respiratory droplets for transmission between hosts.


    At first the infected develop patches of thick, coarse hairs, engorged muscles and rapid growth in canine teeth, nails and sometimes horn-like masses develop from the skull. In addition to these physical changes, emotional changes like an increased temper, stress and being unable to settle or relax will quickly take effect. A bestial transofmation, crude and wild, Just like Krathan, Nadir of Wrath.   Wrath Myrkild rely solely upon, blood and saliva for transmission between hosts.
    Myrkild - Wrath by Me (fall)
    Myrkild - Lust by Me (fall)


    An increased heart rate, touch sensitivity, the relaxation of smooth muscle cells and an overwhelming sense of euphoria. These are the symptoms that can be expected of a Lust Myrkild infection. Symptoms that often draw Sletair, Nadir of Lust's followers to them. Shortly after, an increase in hormones such as testosterone, oestrogen and progesterone cause a rapid and aggressive surge in libido.   Lust Myrkild, in their most basic form - singular microorganisms, rely on semen, blood, vaginal secretions, and saliva for transmission between hosts.


    Relatively long, thin thorns protruding from within whatever they have begun to spread inside of. This is the first manifestation of a Pride Myrkild infection. Eventually these thorns form a mat of criss-crossing needles overshadowed by the larger more prominent thorns. As such, the first real signs of infection are stomach aches, constipation and bloat. These are shortly followed by intense stomach pains and sharp sensations beneath the skin in the abdominal area. Around this time, thorns may begin to show on the surface of the body. As the thorns grow evermore, so to do the infected's likeness to Vanaer, Nadir of Pride increase.   Pride Myrkild, in their most basic form - singular microorganisms, spread via the faecal–oral route to spread between hosts.
    Myrkild - Pride by Me (fall)
    Myrkild - Greed by Me (fall)


    At first the infected exhibit social anxiety and extreme possessiveness. After a short while, the Greed variant of Myrkild begins to warp the extremities, such as the fingers and toes - they become blackened, and a rapid loss of body fat follows. Soon after, the skin beginst to shrink, becoming thinner and thinner until the bones are almost visible. This gaunt visage mimics that of Xateal, Nadir of Greed and their kin.   Greed Myrkild, in their most basic form - singular microorganisms, spread via contact with fomites, lying in wait for its next victim.
  The methods of infection all providing unique ways for each strain to start their cycle of: infest, consume, and create. A cycle they will repeat until their victims finally succumb to the growing consciousness within whilst spreading more Myrkild to more unsuspecting victims. The growing consciousness, a being within a being, is a construct awakening inside them that will soon sunder their host, overtaking every aspect of its form and forging something new from its flesh. Something more effective at finding new hosts to infest and combatting the various means to prevent it from doing so.    

A deal between kingdoms

The Horndbond, a sinister rite practiced in the darkest corners of Errack, introduces a terrifying transformation of the flesh. A new organ, the Kildhornd - a small Myrkild construct, is inserted into the human body, just below and to the side of the heart, beneath the lower ribs.
Over a short period of time, it grows to integrate itself within the host, drawing in blood from a network of small tendril-like syphons latched onto the aorta, siphoning off vital sustenance to feed its work.   The Kildhornd analyses the DNA of the host and adapts internal organic foundries to create new weakend Myrkild that are compatible with the host and deposits these into the bloodstream.
The crude insertion of this new organ leaves a brand around the area sealing in the Kildhornd. The brand varies in style by species and is used instead of attempting to stitch the flesh together.


    The Kildhornd is inserted via the large needle-like appendage of a Myrkild construct that pierces through the flesh and up under the lower ribs. The organ is then forced inside, deposited into the host and the appendage is removed, simultaneously pinching and branding the skin to seal it shut.   The specifics of this ritualistic surgery vary between the Myrkild species and the multitude of cults that weave themselves into society. Each have their own methods of selection, preperation and aftercare (if any) for those who are to become Hornd-bound.  


    Once Hornd-bound, individuals experience a profound transformation as crudely modified Myrkild infiltrates their body. This mass of malformed Myrkild within serves as an extension of themselves, allowing for unique manifestations. Each Hornd-bearer gives rise to a weakened Myrkild construct, each with distinct appearances and characteristics influenced by their original strain, and uniquely capable of altering its form at will.   Once significantly developed and intwined with their Hornd-bearer, the Myrkild within are able to communicate with their host. A new sourceless voice in the host's mind, able to converse with and learn from them. Eventually, these malformed Myrkild develop personalities and are able to act with some level of autonomy. They may exert influence over the host, compelling them to move or, in some cases, partially emerging from within the host to act independently.   This symbiotic relationship between the Hornd-bearer and their Myrkild entity is a complex and evolving partnership, shaping the course of the host's existence and influencing their actions.  
    Date: 27/08/24ce
      I couldn't look away... I couldn't move in that dank, dark corner. I hardly breathed, locked in silence. I laid on the backside of that slick pile of corpses they threw me upon - thinking I was already dead. Shit, I thought I was dead... I'd laid there for what felt like an hour, watching the movements of each cloaked figure as they passed in that cold, dimly lit chamber.   Nothing could've prepared me for what they would do to that poor lad.   I watched through the stone corridor, into the room adjacent, I could see some sort of congregation beginning to form. More and more cloaked figures seemed to pile into the chamber and I could just barely make out some sort of... thing. A large, gaunt, and writhing creature of pale flesh and bloated decay. Its skin was almost transparent with sickly hues and raw edges.
    From behind this malformed mimicry of human physique and out of the shadows that enveloped most of its elongated form, a long, ribbed tendril with intricately shaped sharp and hard forms on its face, rose up to the monster’s side before snaking through the air, meandering its way towards the stone slab they’d strapped what looked like one of their fellow cultists to.   As the tendril neared, two darkly robed figures tore open the man’s shirt to reveal his chest and midriff. I watched as the light reflected off of each bead of sweat as the man breathed rapidly, shaking at the prospect of what that creature would do to him.
    The tendril slithered closer, now dripping with some sort of clear slime from its worm-like orifice and hovered above his abdomen, mere inches from the surface of the exposed skin. The orifice began to widen and from within it came a crude, organic, needle-like appendage.
    As the needle-like appendage exposed itself, its purpose became clearer. This was a piercing beak - organic forceps that would pierce and rend its victim to make room for what came next.   The tendril lowered closer to the man on that cold stone table and sure enough, the hand-sized beak shot into his chest with a squelching slap. He cried out an awful scream, guttural and gargled.
    The creature looming on the edge of darkness seemed to shiver and adjust their position in a manner that could only be described as… pleasure?   The tendril began pulsating, still dripping clear ooze from around its exposed beak and with each throb something inside it moved ever closer, causing its ribbed form to bulge as it shifted within.
    Once the bulge reached the back of the beak, the tendril’s flat face bulged in the same manner and the beak widened, causing the man to cry out once more. Whatever was concealed within the tendril, now forcibly invaded his body. Once inside, the beak closed and quickly retracted, blood began to flow out of the man like a rising puddle of wine. As swift as the beak retracted, the flat face of the tendril punched into the man’s abdomen, sealing the wound, and pinched his flesh, pulling it in towards his core. Those sharp shaped ridges arranged on the tendril’s flat face acted as both a method to grab and manipulate his skin as well as the heating element that would brand his wound and the surrounding area, searing a circular rune into him and preventing further loss of blood. The rune was complex, though its looks were crude and violent, with almost viscous-looking symbols.   I could do nothing but bear witness to this grotesque artistry...

Cover image: Untitled by Alexey Kashpersky


Author's Notes

Pride concept support: NimrodialLibrary

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