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Vanaer, Nadir of Pride

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Vanaer, known as "The Tinkerer", embodies the empowering attitude of superiority, arogance and ego.   They are the bane of all people in power, constantly tempting their hubris to present itself. From Kings and queens, presidents and managers to even the commander leading their men into the frey. All in positions of power feel Vanaer's pull.   The Nadir of Pride appears as a physically fit, almost anthropomorphic being, cloaked in layers of long, finely detailed fabrics. Vanaer's long and slender fingers alow for very dextrous movement and acuracy when conducting their experiments.  


Vanaer is known as an extravagant tinkerer, a self-proclaimed scientist and a crazed inventor at heart. The Nadir of Pride is driven by a destructive obsession for perfection, reflected in both their creation and themselves. Having lost their sanity long ago in their perfectionist quest, along with any trace of their original being, Vanaer and their underlings are considered extremely dangerous, and cannot be reasoned with.   Vanaer will stop at nothing to achieve perfection, constantly experimenting and testing new creations on themselves and their underlings. This is often achieved from concoctions of various strange chemicals and the amalgamation of select organs and limbs to create the optimal beings for their selected tasks.   With their twitchy and unhinged mindset, this Nadir will come up with some of the most unique and convoluted plans when it comes to domination. This drive to over-engineer and over-plan their actions makes them slow and inflexible, often leading to missed opportunities. Once put into motion, however, Vanaer's mastermind is truly a force to be reckoned with, and few live to tell the tale.  

Pride events

Rifts between the planes that have been corrupted by Vanaer’s power appear as a field of blackened stone speckled with golden flakes and clusters, pirerced by huge thorn-like spikes rising through the ground. The portal itself is a wheel of dark thorns connected to the blackened stone floor, encircling a disc of golden flames.  

Worship & Devotion

Those who envigour Vanaers power are the folk who become blinded by their acheivements and the successes of themselves or others arround them that they fail to see the negatives.
The followers of Vanaer seek greatness, success and political power, to be recognised as the best in their field or at what they do.   The Nadir of Pride is enamoured by great minds, seeing the power and wonder Vanaer holds and wishing to follow suit.
Skin colour
Dark charcoal grey
Hair colour
Apperance is an approximation, defined by alleged sightings and historical tales.
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Gifts of Vanaer

Gifts from the Nadir of pride are two-pronged. For Vanaer grants a higher intelect as well as the charisma or strength to fulfil the seeker's needs. As a result of this hightened insight, few mortal minds have remained sane post peering into the depths of Vanaer's cursed knowledge.  


On the surface, Vanaer's underlings are perfected, going so far as to ensure that they are symetrical in apperance and are armed with spectacular, intricately designed armour and weapons. Inside however, their bodies are filled with cancerous masses, failing organs, rotten tissue and a complete miss-match of biological and engineered parts.   The Centurion is one of Vanaer's most prized creations. A great behemouth of strength and power, a beacon of Vanaer's greatness. The Centurion's role is that of a guardian or escort, forged to guard and belay those who would stand against The Nadir of Pride.   One of the more comonly found underlings however, is the Honour hound, a demonic beast almost resembling a large wolf or other breed of large canine. The Honour hound is most often seen in packs and fills many roles, such as scouts, devastating flankers and even sometimes as a first-wave charge, to name a few.


Author's Notes

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