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7 Nadirs of Sin

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Repent, my child, and confess your sins. Redemption welcomes all, lest the Nadirs take a hold of you. They are Sin incarnate, and not even the House of God will protect you.
— Unknown
  The 7 Nadirs of Sin, or simply The Seven, are superior beings of primal power, envigoured by the mental state of all sentient beings. From emotions and desires to basic needs of survival. These monomaniacal beings obsess over their creed, working ever tirelessly to add more to their number, to gain power and influence over their kin   As a result of this, the Nadirs not only destroy but also create. For they need the power of living emotions to survive. This results in all manner of cults and covens worshipping the Nadirs, enacting their bidding and converting others to their cause.
Through their conviction to the Nadirs, followers are granted powers. Those powers vary from Nadir to Nadir but the final result is usually the same, an unrecognisable being who serves their master unwaiveringly.  

Corrupted rifts

When a rift becomes infected by the power of a nadir, their power slowly seeps into the mortal realm alongside the forces of magic, slowly corrupting the land with their infernal damnation. This rift is initially not visible, but as the power of the Nadir grows, the appearance of the rift changes too and they are able to warp and corrupt the area beyond the portal. Once the land becomes saturated, the rift becomes unstable and underlings can pass through from the underworld. They will then prepare the land for the inevitable arrival of their master, constructing strongholds and creating armies ready to be unleashed upon Errack.   Once a Nadir passes through the tear, a powerful detonation of energy occurs and corruption spreads at a violent rate. This detonation takes on slightly different appearances based on the Nadir, but the outcome is the same - a great crater formed in the land centred on the rip, and a shock-wave that tears apart the surface, creating a mess of the landscape and making any incursions against the Nadir that bit more difficult.  

Creeping corruption

A strange phenomena can be observed in the presence of a Nadir. They seem to be capable of swiftly warping the natural environment around them. All biomass seems to become twisted into something new, something that is unique to the Nadir and serves a new purpose. This phenomenon is strongest near the Nadir but can be seen far beyond their location, ever creeping outwards into new areas. A similar effect can be seen from the underlings of a Nadir, although it is on a much smaller scale, only capable of affecting the immediate area over a longer period of time.   In the case of Hennan, Nadir of Sloth, the corruption that they emit takes the physical form of black masses of fibrous, sinewy, sludge that crawls outwards expanding their domain. All the while connected like veins and arteries casting a web across the land. Any biomass that this substance comes into contact with is infected and warped, becoming a new pawn for Hennan in the great game.
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mature themes, boddy horror, suicide
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Nadirs of Sin by Me (Fall)
Species | Nov 12, 2023

A Myrkild is a form of microorganism that is the basis of all beings within the Myrkildicary.

All artwork that is not an original creation by myself (@Bladeswillfall) will be replaced in time with either original pieces or commissioned art.


No one quite knows when the Nadirs came into power. Perhaps they've existed as long as conscious thought has existed? Or maybe it's only since Humanity came to be, with it's complex emotions, no longer relying on just instinct and the drive to survive?   One thing is certain when it comes to The Seven, their influence can be traced back as far as Human records go. Tales of cloven hoofed beasts, nightmarish fiends, enchanting seductresses and plague spreading monsters fill time immemorial. Often mistaken for folktales and scary stories to make children behave, these legends and myths are rooted in old truths.   The Endless war is what many have taken to calling any and all conflicts with the forces of Hell. Though each major conflict certainly recieves it's own name and place, The Endless war is a universal term and reflects the strife humanity has faced throughout it's existence.

The Nadirs

Xateal, Nadir of Greed

Long and slender, with piercing eyes and gangly apendages, "The Thief" or "The Snatcher" known as Xateal, hordes all things of value. Power, wealth and self-servitude are synonymous with Xateal.   Through hooked claws, barbed wires and crude nets, Xateal will take, and command their underlings to take, anything and everything they desire through whatever means necessary.
Endless mounds of gold, sticky webs and briar bushes are all synonymous with the Nadir of Greed.

Boleth, Nadir of Gluttony

An Extremely gaunt and grotesque mass of writhing flesh, known as "The Great Devourer", Boleth consumes all.
Though depicted as a snake or worm-like being consuming it's own tail, people also refer to Boleth as "The Great Maw" and as such, lends itself to an alternative icon.   The Nadir of Gluttony is the embodiment of limitless apetitie, to over-indulge and over-consume - whether that be food, drink or something else entirely.

Krathan, Nadir of Wrath

With his Huge imposing physique and scarred body, Krathan, sometimes called "The Executioner", is revenge, rage and bloodlust incarnate. Brutal and unwavering in their approach, the Nadir of Wrath cares not for honour or morals. Once the hordes of Krathan start upon their path of destruction, there is no satiating their bloodlust. Often resulting in canibalism and fratricide.   Krathan's physicality is said to be somewhere between that of a twisted human-ape combination.
Icon of Lust by Me (Fall)

Sletair, Nadir of Lust

An un-quenchable thirst for pleasure; desires that go beyond the ideals of just simple moments of exctasy and an all seeing eye into the hearts and minds of mortals. Sletair is a being of androgynous apperance with hermaphrodite physicality. Often depicted as having multiple of each sexual organ and with a number of tendril-like apendages.   The underlings of Sletair are capable to accomidate to any and all fetishes, desires and whims of those seeking more than what mortal beings/life can provide.

Vanaer, Nadir of Pride

Though primal in nature, Vanaer embodies the empowering attitude of superiority, arogance and ego.
Vanaer yearns to always be better than their kin. To be more powerful, smarter and have the best underlings. For each Myrkild of Pride reflects on Vanaer themselves.   Vanaer has and will watch their kin fail with joy as long as it means they remain on top.
The Nadir of Pride strives for perfection, beauty and power.

Evaxi, Nadir of Envy

"The Trickster" or "Puppet Master", Evaxi bends and shapes the will of others. The many-faced Nadir encourages and undermines simultaneously, never revealing their true intentions.
Evaxi watches from the shadows and so too do their underlings. Never one to directly oppose or attack, The Nadir of Envy would rather trick, poison, assassinate or convince others to do their bidding.   For this, Evaxi is often the herald of the poor, down-trodden and abused. A beacon of undermining and dethroning the untouchable.
by Me (Fall)

Hennan, Nadir of Sloth

Commonly known as "The Nightmare" - Hennan is the current Nadir of Sloth. They are indiference, indolence and fatigue given form. Hennan's apperance is thought to be viscous, not unlike tar or sludge. Their movements are slow and meticulous, ever creeping and weaving a confusing haze of consciousness.   Through illusions and emotional insight, The Nadir of Sloth and their underlings are able to bend perceived reality on a whim. Creating untold horrors, turning their targets insane and causing them to commit suicide over such inconceivable nightmares. The illusions of Sloth can be a blessing, or a curse.

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So maybe it is not strange that I am drawn to these darker worlds and reflection of what is and could be. This takes me to Viscerium which also struggles against demons, but we expand fantasy by worlds including space ships and technology. And the demons may not be what you think they are. A reminder that a word does not always mean what you think it means. The 7 Nadirs of Sin is a fantastic and creative take on the Seven Deadly Sins.

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