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Evaxi, Nadir of Envy

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Evaxi was jealous of humanity, its variety of colours, shapes and sizes of people. And so, the Nadir of Envy took to masks, all manner of masks, in an attempt to mimic the human form in an uncanny manner. For how could a demon truly understand a human?
— Unknown
  Evaxi, "The Trickster" or "Puppet Master", bends and shapes the will of others. The many-faced Nadir encourages and undermines simultaneously, never revealing their true intentions.   Through the use of her many masks and prosthetics, Evaxi actively roams throughout Human territories taking on various faces and names to blend in with society. Opening doors to restricted areas and allowing the Nadir to fake the lives She sometimes wishes were available to her.  


Evaxi knows not of comfort and indiference. They have an aeipathy for manipulating the fates of others. Her envy of the human form has lead to the crafting of various hard prosthetics and coverings to hide their true self.   Unravelling truths by pulling at their threads to weave a web of sedition, creating chaos through confusion and untrust by forging half-truths and fallacies within the minds of the masses, these are some of Evaxi's specialties.  

Envy events

Rifts that have been corrupted by Evaxi's power appear as a large circular shattered mirror with it's shards slowly floating aimlessly around, the smaller shards of mirror drifting throughout the dense fog that envelopes the surrounding area and twinkling with what light remains. Yet, the fog is not the only thing travellers need to be wary of. Tales often speak of folk stumbling upon pieces of time frozen still, from malformed limbs to entire bodies, even broken wheels, fossilized, as if made of rock... rock that litters the landscape.  

Worship & Devotion

Masquerade balls are one of Evaxi's favourite events. For what better place to mingle with the upper echelons of society without the consequence of identity. These places are a breeding ground for envy as it is so easy to sow sedition among the guests through whispers and rumours behind hand fans and fake smiles.   Those who wish to show their devotion to Evaxi can best do so by; gathering intelligence and using it to spread rumours, blackmailing and undermining the efforts of others in addition to informing Evaxi and her underlings. The act of maliciously tricking others, poisoning them and even assassination are sure to earn you Evaxi's eye.
Skin colour
Double, platinum
Eerie black
Apperance is an approximation, defined by alleged sightings and historical tales.
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Gifts of Evaxi

Evaxi grants her followers a gradual scale of abilities, starting with being able to read the mind of a chosen individual by maintaining eye contact.
After this, comes the ability to suggest and influence decisions made by an individual by altering their thoughts.
Lastly, the ability to 'puppet' a chosen individual is made available, the only requirement here is that the puppeteer have line-of-sight to their target. The puppeted individual shows no obvious sign of being puppetted bar in their eyes, for there appears a platinum halo upon the iris.  


The underlings of Evaxi are swiftly identifiable by their pale skin and hard prosthetics. Often painted and adorned in bright colours and materials to ofset their otherwise dull, bleached appearance.   One of Evaxi's most notorious underlings is the "little sister", a somewhat cute character but a psychotic being at heart. For the little sister has two sides, one appearing as a normal, human girl with platinum blue hair, pale skin and rosy cheeks. The otherside is a poseable mannequin turned puppet. Both sides of this being, stitched together with delicate red thread.


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