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Imperium Coalition

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Bringing both the Aliance of Democratic Nations and the Popular Consortium Party together as the majority parties, the Imperium Coalition is the combined peoples front against the Demonic incursion in the Degel system.   Due to all nations within the IC granting IC forces open borders, the IC are able to rapidly deploy to anywhere within the Degel system. When deployed via the IC or on an IC organised mission, units are forbidden from displaying their home nation's flag or any other form of identification that might reveal their place of origin or alegiance beyond the IC insignia/related flags.   A council of ADN and PCP members decide on planetary and off-world activities relating to the defence of Errack and it's people. This includes ensuring international security and peace between the ADN and PCP as well as authorizing military action and enacting sanctions.  


The Imperium Coalition was founded upon the requirement for a unified, single position of power to fend off the Nadirs. To do this, the forces of the ADN and PCP were mostly amalgimated into the new Coalition.  


The Imperium Coalition is split into three branches, The head of each branch is personally accountable for their branch of the organisation. The three branches are:

Imperium Coalition Strategic Command

The ICSC manages all top-level strategic resources and delegates to it's subsidiaries for action.

    ICSC sub-organisation(s)

    • ICSS - IC Security Service
    • ICICO - IC Inteligence and Communications Office
    • ICSF - IC Special Forces
    • ICJFC - IC Joint Forces Command
      • ICSSG - IC Special Support Group

Imperium Coalition Astral Vanguard

The Astral Vanguard protect Errack through orbital bombardments, ferrying, supporting and providing insertion capabilities for the Defence Force and enforcing Imperium Coalition law upon the minor factions of the Degel system.

    ICAV sub-organisation(s)

    • ICODO - IC Orbital Defence Office

Imperium Coalition Defence Force

The Defence Force are the main bulk of the Imperium Coalition's military might. Being a unit designed to be adaptive to the battlefield and the missions it is assigned, the ICDF are second to none. The defense of critical locations, cities and the interests of the Imperium Coalition are the heart of this branch.

    ICDF sub-organisation(s)

    • ICSSAS - IC Special Shock Assault Service
    • ICSRR - IC Special Reconisance Regiment


Military forces from members of the Imperium Coalition are de-facto military units of the Imperium Coalition. The IC are able to assign orders to any unit of a member nation's forces at any given time.   Special Forces units are officially tasked to "assist IC operations" by their home nation and as such rotate into the ICSF on a 3-year basis.   The Imperium Coalition also recruit voluntary staff & officers to serve as co-ordinators and administrators across it's many departments.  


Imperium Coalition ranks are divided such as to provide a rank scale with witch to match each member nation's military ranks to corresponding ranks used by other nations.  

Officer Ranks

Officer ranks (OF-1 to OF-10) are reserved for commissioned officers.
Within the below table, "OA" inidcates "Officer Aspirant" - an appointed position for those in training to become an Officer.  
IC Code: OF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1 OA

Enlisted Ranks

Enlisted ranks are Non-commissioned offcers.  
IC Code: EN-9 EN-8 EN-7 EN-6 EN-5 EN-4 EN-3 EN-2 EN-1
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Service Branches
Imperium Coalition Strategic Command,
Imperium Coalition Astral Vanguard,
Imperium Coalition Defence Force,

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