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The Endless war

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Throughout history mankind has faced one enemy more times than all else, more than they have fought themselves over resources, more than they have fought for land and more than they have fought over political or religious views. One enemy always returns and threatens humanity - Myrkild.   The Nadirs of Hell send forth their soldiers, spies, seductresses and seditionists to wreak havoc across the globe on a scale consistently larger and more imposing than their last appearance.   Only through uniting has mankind ever been able to push back the horde. In the past, this usually meant conscripting able bodied men and women from the local villages and smaller cities of a nation into one grand army. Other times, this meant smaller nations having to band together to coordinate defences, less they fall to the long night.   Now, in the current day, this means that nations across the globe must come together to allocate troops, share resources and plan co-ordinated incursions against key areas to keep what is left of humanity's territory. For the Myrkild army is coming.  

Persistent presence

As far back as records exist, whispers of night creatures, witches and monsters have existed in folk-tales and stories. It didn't take long for historians to realise that these tales were all based on truth. The truth that Myrkild have walked the globe for milenia.
Through crude drawings, ancient art works and archeological sites, this truth has been hidden in plain sight all along. Someone simply needed to put the pieces together.   Under the 7 Nadirs of Sin, Myrkild have persistently assaulted the globe to various degrees of success.
Some Myrkild granted gifts to mortal men and women as part of a twisted deal. Some Myrkild seek only to maim and violate living creatures be they beast or being, and some, feed off of the pleasures and sins of man.   Some believe that the Myrkild arrived from off-world upon a large astral body that collided with the planet, causing fires, disease and mass devastation upon its impact. Others believe that the Myrkild have always been here, we merely only started to notice them as our species grew and evolved. And, some of the more religiously inclined folk believe they come from another dimension entirely - a dimension of suffering, sulphur and sin.   The presence of the Nadirs can always be found. Ashen fields of dust and soot scar the landscape where marches the Myrkild army marshalled by Krathan, Nadir of Wrath. Remnants of burning hoofs, blackened wood, and cuts in the earth from sharp claws mark the way for the foul rot of Boleth, Nadir of Gluttony, who spreads their disease and pestilence among the corpses left behind. And so too are the other Nadirs known. Be it in the form of greedy corpos whos will be bent by the rule of Xateal, or the lustful conquests of the insatiable, romanced by Sletair. Their influence was found even in the green eyes of the down-trodden, enticed by Evaxi, and the over enthusiastic general too proud of their troop to see past their faults, invigorated by Vanaer. Lest we forget whose presence is most easily seen in the depressed, the disheartened and those alive but not living, for this... is Hennan's pleasure.
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The Seven are the pinnacle creation of each species of Myrkild.

All artwork that is not an original creation by myself (@Bladeswillfall) will be replaced in time with either original pieces or commissioned art.

Evolution of war

Throughout history, men and women have kept records of many things. These records, some lost to time, some barely legible and some merely hearsay, have allowed historians throughout the ages to learn from their predecessors and track the growing presence of the Nadirs.  
As man has always done and always will continue to do, war has been waged across every era. How that war looks is all that changes. For it has many faces, all of them ugly.
Where people made use of iron and steel to craft arms and armours more suited to combat the Myrkild hordes, we can see through the few records that have survived, that here, Myrkild had evolved to have tougher skin and in some cases, early forms of armour. Additionally, we can see that they began using crude tactics and started bringing more specialised roles to the field. Some of the notable mentions here include units such as those able to dig shallow depths to ambush their prey and pass under superficial fortifications alongside records of large, stocky beasts that would run at great speeds and ram into blockades in an attempt to break through.
During this era, there are several vague accounts of a "horned beast" roaming the forests nearby small villages at night. The beast is said to have walked on two legs not-unlike a human and to have wandered into said villages stealing women from their beds and then dragging them off screaming into the night.
During what is now known as the early industrial era, there seems to be an increase in cases of men and women alike going missing, suicides and reports of adultery. We now know that this spike in reports is likely due to the increasing presence of succubi and incubi. On the field of war, armoured units, shield bearers, infiltrators and short range bioweapons became ever present amongst the Myrkild armies. The use of noxious spit and chemical gases from the Myrkild units required soldiers to wear protective gear in addition to their usual armour in an attempt at increasing survivability of the brave men and women attempting to drive back the armies of sin.
Within the great cities of the time, a deadly plague spread for several years. This plague infected most of the world and caused the deaths of millions. Though they did not know for sure, we believe this plague to have been caused by Boleth, the Nadir of Gluttony
A few hundred years ago, we saw a substantial rise in combat capabilities from the Myrkild. They now bring heavily armoured units, medium ranged bioweapons like acid sprayers, longer ranged bone needle launchers and thermobaric suiciders. The thermobaric explosions alone were enough to destabilise most battlefields due to their devastating effects but no one was prepared to combat the living tanks that tore defensive lines asunder or the corrosive effects of the new acid sprayers.
Now, we see the increasing use of long range bioweapons, bioplasma and EMP units on top of everything else that has been seen in the previous years. The flyers are more numerous and come in a whole host of varieties, the infiltrators are harder and harder to detect now that we've discovered the existence of changelings. Political unrest and mistrust is ripe within every settlement and the hordes of Myrkild probe and obliterate defences every day.

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