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Errack, a world ensnared in the relentless flow of information, is a battleground where the dominion of humans unfolds. Satellites carve pathways through the heavens, their digital eyes tracking the movements of Myrkild hordes in a choreographed dance of surveillance and strategy. Technological marvels illuminate the world, casting a radiant glow upon the battlefield. Remote-controlled vehicles, like avatars of destruction, traverse treacherous landscapes, offering a lifeline to those who face peril.   Yet, the common folk find themselves shackled by the iron grip of the military-industrial complex, a force that hoards progress within its domain. The fruits of innovation, born in the labs and factories of the privileged few, are denied to the civilian markets. Behind the towering walls of the megacities, safety is merely an illusion, concealing the bitter truth that the people are left to languish with outdated technology. The power imbalance is stark, forcing the populace to rely on government agencies for superior firepower and protection.   Within the iron-clad fortresses, megacities, a divide widens between the privileged and the marginalised. The cost of safety becomes an ever-increasing burden for the inhabitants, as the disparity between the haves and the have-nots grows.   Within the intricate web of global politics, another conflict brews. The Aquillan Seas Trade Union and Trans-Continental Socialist Confederation, locked in an informal war of shadows, engage in a dance of intrigue and subterfuge. False-flag attacks, sabotage, and unofficial skirmishes mark their covert rivalry. These powerful factions manipulate minor nations, orchestrating puppet wars as the common folk bear witness to a relentless barrage of false media propaganda.   Resonance, once an arcane force beyond reach for most, now finds its match in the short-distance Noise Field Generator - a modern-day shield against the mystical arts, where the unseen and the tangible converge in a symphony of high-tech countermeasures.   As whispers of The Holy Septuplet's presence grow louder and zealots embolden, the age of information strides boldly into a world where the line between humanity and machine blurs, and the pursuit of power knows no bounds. Errack hurtles into an uncertain future.