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The twilight of mankind

  As Errack burns, the remnants of civilization stand as rare and fragile relics. The hordes of The Seven, their malevolence unchecked, prowl throughout the ashen wastelands. Once harbingers of the apocalyptic reckoning that humanity had long feared and now faces, now executioners of that reckoning.   In a desperate bid for survival, humanity has cast its gaze skyward, to the cold expanse of the Degel System. Among the stars, they seek refuge and the promise of resources beyond Errack’s desolation. The Imperium Coalition, an uneasy union of the military might of the Alliance of Democratic Nations and Popular Consortium Party, has emerged as a bastion of necesary comradery in the cosmos - a symbol of unity forged in the crucible of crisis. For among the silent sea of the void, The Holy Septuplet now bares down upon humanity trapping them between the ruins of their former dominion, and an unpredictable, zealous foe whom they can now meet face-to-face on a grand scale.   For those who remain trapped on the scorched Errack, salvation lies in the towering ramparts of fortified cities, like Kisara - grim fortifications that defy both time and fate. Behind these colossal walls, the last vestiges of humanity huddle together, their collective will to survive a beacon in the encroaching darkness. In this epoch of despair and cosmic exploration, the saga of humanity unfolds amidst the ruins of their former dominion.