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Hennan, Nadir of Sloth

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Sleep my child and let the will of Hennan flow through you. Let them take you and provide you an everlasting peace. For to accept Hennan is to float within your mind, resting in their warm embrace.
— Apostle
  Commonly known as "The Nightmare" - Hennan is the current Nadir of Sloth. They are indiference, indolence and fatigue given form. Hennan's apperance is thought to be viscous, not unlike tar or sludge. Their movements are slow and meticulous, ever creeping and weaving a confusing haze of consciousness.   Through illusions and emotional insight, The Nadir of Sloth and their underlings are able to bend perceived reality on a whim. Creating untold horrors, turning their targets insane and causing them to commit suicide over such inconceivable nightmares. The illusions of Sloth can be a blessing, or a curse.   Despite their innate shapeshifting abilities inherited from their tar-like physiology, Hennan generally appears as a simple mass of oily sludge to its subjects. However, should they so choose, one of the many forms that sludge can warp into is an enchantress with six black arms, separate, but still connected, by strings of black sinewy liquid, stretching and reforming with every movement. With hips and legs that form from black gelatinous tentacles, emerging seamlessly from a pool of the same tar-like substance. Or for example, perhaps a muscular, bi-pedal warrior with thick muscles and strong tendrils reaching over their shoulders. Regardless, every form Hennan takes is connected through that tar-like substance and their entire form drips constantly with the obsidian ooze.  


Hennan is slow and methodical, a weaver of conscious and subconscious thought. Able to make the impossible appear possible in the eyes of their targets.   Hennan's mood is very zen and relaxed, no matter the situation. Whether this is down to anhedonia or just simply indiference is unknown. The Nadir's movements are fluid and flowy, rippling and weaving in an almost hypnotic manner. Their tendrils whipping and slapping with wet slops as they move.   One of Hennan's favoured creations is that of a black dreamcatcher-like object, strung with a web of dripping ooze. Used to intimidate and aide in capturing the fears of those in Hennan's presence so that those fears may be used against them in the form of nightmarish illusions and horrors.  

Sloth events

Rifts between the planes that have been corrupted by Hennan’s power appear as a pool of tar with blackened rock and soil edges, the tar ever bubbling and squelching. The edges of the tar pool reach out like sinewy roots and tendrils, always slowly creeping further outwards. Above the pools, a greasy, hazy mist envelops the surrounding area - the mist slowly putting unaware travelers to sleep.  
by Me (Fall)

Worship & Devotion

Being the Nadir of Sloth, Hennan desires their followers to feed them their dreams and imaginations. In addition to these, the indiferent, depressed and complacent engorge Hennan's power, for these emotions resonate with the Nadir of Sloth and enable them to grow ever stronger.   As such, those wishing to worship the Nadir of sloth do so through spreading misery and contempt, encouraging others to wallow in self-pity and fade into the darkness of sleep ever more.
Dark rainbow obsidian
Fiberous oily slime
Apperance is an approximation, defined by alleged sightings and historical tales.
All artwork that is not an original creation by myself (@Bladeswillfall) will be replaced in time with either original pieces or commissioned art.

Gifts of Hennan

Hennan's gifts come in the form of powerful illusions and the ability to warp the unconcious mind into believing a reality that may never have, or will ever, exist.
As with all Nadirs, the boons granted by Hennan come with a cost. That cost, rears it's slimey head early on in the form of obsidian tentacles and tendrils draped in ever-flowwing ooze. These tentacles can form anywhere on the body, often replacing entire limbs at a time and eventually completely corrupting the host into a new entitey altogether.  


The underlings of Hennan come in many forms, each ebbing and flowing as they move. Formed from the viscous obsidian liquid pools and tendrils, they move much faster than their Nadir and make effective use of their malleable form.
The most notable of Hennan's underlings, the Dream weaver, takes on the form of a long and slender being with unaturally long arms and legs. They serve to cast powerful illusions on their targets, weaving a sinnewy web of black gore to form various intricate and interlocked runes. These illusions are so powerful that they take on physical forms and appear real to their beholder.

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